East Milton Falconi development on hold pending talks to sell property

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East Milton Falconi development on hold pending talks to sell property

by Doug Scibeck.

Falconi Development announced to the Planning Board that they are pausing any proposed development of Adams Court in East Milton pending talks to sell the property.

The Planning Board met at the Council on Aging facility on November 1st. A late addition to the agenda was a discussion of the proposed Adams Court development. The Select Board announced they may be in attendance, however, they did not show. They would have been on hand for the discussion of the Falconi Adams Court proposal. Instead of a discussion, there was an announcement.

Ned Corcoran, representing the Falconis, told the Planning Board that they request the board, “take the foot off the gas pedal,” for any zoning changes for the project. The Falconis are in active talks with two parties regarding selling the property. Each of the potential buyers would have their own proposals to eventually bring before the town.

The Falconis appreciate the efforts of the board but feel they need to step back from the process. They feel it better to not have the board work towards changes in zoning for their latest proposal at a special February Town Meeting if they were going to sell the property.

Corcoran did say that they believed the town would benefit from the board continuing to review the traffic study of East Milton. A traffic study was conducted as part of the original Adams court proposal. The board is expecting an analysis of that report which includes impact regarding the proposal as well as hypothetical effects from an all commercial development, all residential development, or mixed-use proposal.

That analysis is due by the Planning Board’s January 10 meeting. The board will also continue to discuss a potential zoning overlay for East Milton square and possible 40R zoning. The investigations are aimed at improving the square and could apply regardless of the developer.

What comes next for Adams Court depends upon not only if the property is sold but also what a new developer proposes.

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