Attorney General approves Milton Select Board name change

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Attorney General approves Milton Select Board name change

On March 15, Attorney General Maura Healey approved Milton’s bylaw and zoning bylaw amendments which changed the terms “Board of Selectmen”, “Selectmen”, etc. to inclusive language “Select Board”, “Member of the Select Board”, etc.

‘Select Board’ is a term that simply and fully represents the people and world we live in today—diverse and inclusive. We believe this change is important because it is about access. Our government works better when all people–regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation—are included and feel welcome participate in public service. Words are powerful and language matters. This is why we teach children that there are good words and there are bad words. There are words that hurt, that inspire, that amuse, that comfort, etc. Language and names that connote disparities in power and status, and exclude some over others, should be changed.

Article 16 was approved unanimously by Town Meeting members in October of 2018.

The Town of Milton website has been updated to reflect the new change.


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