Katie Conlon announces re-election candidacy for Milton Select Board

Katie Conlon for Milton Select Board, 2019 - candidacy announcement
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Katie Conlon announces re-election candidacy for Milton Select Board

Conlon to hope to continue to work on major issues in town

It has been an honor to serve as a member of the Milton Select Board, and I am grateful to the voters of Milton for entrusting me with the privilege of representing you. I seek re-election on April 30, 2019 because I want to continue working on the major issues facing our Town and provide continuity in a time of change.

Board achievements are team efforts. During my tenure, I have worked with my colleagues on initiatives such as the redevelopment of the former Hendries Ice Cream property, strengthening the management role of the Town Administrator, battling excessive airplane noise over Milton, and planning for Milton Village. We still have work to do, especially in the areas of housing, economic development, airplane noise and traffic mitigation. I would like to remain part of the team that is tackling these challenges.

With the recent change in the role of the Board and its increased membership from three to five during the past year, continuity in our town government is important. I believe my experience on the Select Board as well as my service as a former Warrant Committee Chair and long-time Town Meeting Member will be helpful to the Board during the next three years. Currently, I am chairing the Board’s new Finance Committee and serving on its Housing Committee as well as the Master Plan Implementation Committee.

In addition, my involvement in statewide organizations will help bring fresh, cutting-edge ideas to Milton. Last year I was elected to the boards of directors of the Massachusetts Selectmen’s Association (MSA) and the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA) and as a member of the Local Government Advisory Commission (LGAC). The MSA and MMA advocate for the interests of cities and towns, and the LGAC meets monthly with members of the Governor’s Administration to discuss important municipal issues. Serving on these boards and the LGAC has given me the opportunity to explore ideas and strategies with colleagues from communities across the State, and will help me to better serve Milton.

If re-elected, I pledge to work collaboratively with other elected and appointed officials and Town employees to ensure that our town government operates efficiently and Milton remains one of the best communities in which to live and raise a family. On the key issues of housing and economic development, we must balance growth with preservation of Milton’s special character for future generations. I am committed to helping the Town achieve this goal.

I respectfully ask the voters of Milton for their trust and their vote on April 30, and will continue working hard to earn both.

For more information:

Information about the campaign is available on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Political-Candidate/Katie-Conlon-for-Milton-Select-Board-451959431540886/

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