POLL: Should Milton’s PILOT participants pay more in taxes?

POLL? Should Milton's PILOT participants pay more in taxes?
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POLL: Should Milton’s PILOT participants pay more in taxes?

In a March 19th letter to the community, Milton Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Dr. Glenn Pavlicek reported that the despite the 2018 override, the latest school budget could not be balanced, resulting in anticipated cutbacks.

Milton Neighbors were outraged over the anticipated cutbacks, the idea of another override resulting in even more taxes, and the perceived lack of budget planning.

Many neighbors brought up the lack of taxes paid by the three largest nonprofits in town, Milton Academy, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton, and Curry College.

In 2018, the total potential tax for these three institutions was $8,690,336.02.

The actual paid tax, through the PILOT program, was $299,040.26.

We’ll help you out with the math: that means a loss of $8,391,295.76 in potential tax.

What are your thoughts?

Should PILOT participants pay more in Milton taxes?

Yes: PILOT programs should pay more in taxes.
No: PILOT programs should not pay more in taxes.


Calculated Taxes on Assessed Values and Actual Taxes – FY 2018

The total potential tax is a calculated tax total if there were no exemptions. For Curry College, Milton Hospital, and Milton Academy the total taxes paid to Milton for FY18 $299,040.26. If the majority of their properties were not tax exempt the amount owed to the town would be $8,690,336.02. To be clear, the amounts listed as TAXABLE/ACTUAL TAXES are what each institution actually pays.

Curry CollegeEXEMPT$143,831,600.00$21.90$3,149,912.00
TAXABLE$519,100.00$21.90$11,368.00 (actual)
Total Value$144,350,700.00Total Potential Tax$3,161,280.00
Milton HospitalEXEMPT$92,136,492.00$21.90$2,017,789.17
TAXABLE$8,481,300.00$21.90 (partially $13.81)$170,604.89 (actual)
Total Value$100,617,792.00Total Potential Tax$2,188,394.06
Milton AcademyEXEMPT$147,196,100.00$21.90$3,223,594.59
TAXABLE$8,477,000.00$13.81$117,067.37 (actual)
Total Value$155,673,100.00Total Potential Tax$3,340,661.96


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