David Picard announces candidacy for Town Meeting

David Picard
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David Picard announces candidacy for Town Meeting

Picard to represent Precinct 1

Hello my name is David Picard and for the first time as a member of the Milton Community, I am announcing my candidacy for Town Meeting Member Precinct 1. After many years of searching, my wife Abby and I moved to Milton with our 2 children, Caleb (2) and Joshua (7 months) because we wanted to not just live somewhere but to be a part of a community. When looking for the place that we wanted to raise our family, we saw Milton as the ideal mix of high performing schools, neighborhoods that we would be comfortable letting our kids play freely in and a community that we could become strongly committed to. We view Milton as a town of high character that is reflected in its number of life long members and ever expanding number of young families. We are thrilled to be a part of it.

As the number of candidates running for office illustrates, there are a number of key decisions that lie ahead for our community that will factor into the town’s ability to continue to be among the most desirable places to live in the Greater Boston area. I am running for Town Meeting Member because as a father of young children and a member of a family that sees itself as a very long term member of Milton, I want to be involved in those decisions. I feel it is of upmost importance that we as a community maintain our values of education, community, inclusion and safety and continue to set ourselves up for success in the future.

If elected, with my background in healthcare data analytics and engineering product management, I will bring creative and pragmatic problem solving skills to the role as Town Meeting member. Additionally, my several years of experience in managing client relationships and leading project delivery teams has provided me with the communication and leadership skills necessary to fully understand the multiple perspectives a large groups discussing complex issues brings to the table. I believe that these skills from my professional life combined with my commitment and desire to become a more involved member of this community are an ideal fit for this role.

As a town meeting member, I will be in support on continuing to improve our public education and town wide services in responsible ways. I feel that this is critical to us being able to maintain our status as a top public education system and a great town to raise a family in. I believe that part of doing this in a responsible way is finding a balance between keeping our sense of community while working to increase the commercial tax base and make the town more affordable for families who want to be a part of it. I believe that the goals of continuously improving public education, encouraging alternatives revenue sources to support town growth and making it possible for families that want to be a part of our community to stay a part of it are great challenges and are problems that I am incredibly excited to work on.

I look forward to the opportunity for myself and my family to be an important part of the future of our community and ask for you support in electing me as a Town Meeting member.

More about David:

David received his degree in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University. He currently works as a Sr. Product Manager of Healthcare Data Analytics at Arcadia.io an industry leader in healthcare data analytics based in Burlington, MA. Prior to working at Arcadia, he spent 5 years working with national health plans on their population health data strategies at athenaHealth. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family in the Blue Hills and all of the outdoor activities it has to offer.

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