Katherine Levesque announces candidacy for Milton Town Meeting

Katherine Levesque
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Katherine Levesque announces candidacy for Milton Town Meeting

Katherine Levesque to represent Precinct 7

Katherine Levesque is announcing her candidacy for Town Meeting Member in Precinct 7 and humbly requests your vote on Tuesday, April 30.

I live over on Sheldon St. with my husband and two daughters. We are proud Milton residents and I care deeply about the success and safety of our town and neighbors. I’m excited to be a candidate for Milton Town Meeting, precinct 7.

My experience in public parks programming gives me an educated perspective on issues that matter very much to our precinct such as traffic congestion, child safety and thoughtful development. As an educator, I’m passionate about listening to your concerns and moving towards practical and long-term solutions that serve the best interests of our families and personal investments in this town. As a mom, I believe in adequate funding for our safety and public resources ensuring that all of our children and all of our residents remain safe. I believe that multi-generational populations are the way to empower our community towards a bright future!

My goal is to work collaboratively alongside our town meeting members to preserve the charm, beauty and character of the town I fell in love with, the town I chose to raise my daughters in while ensuring Milton reflects the vital, spirited, and welcoming residents who I’m proud to call my neighbors.

I would be honored to receive your vote for Town Meeting Member, Precinct 7 on Tuesday, April 30th. Voting takes place at Cunningham Hall- I hope I see you there!

For further information:

I’m always happy to chat- shoot me a line at [email protected].

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