Tahra Goraya announces candidacy for Town Meeting, Precinct 6

Tahra Goyara
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Tahra Goraya announces candidacy for Town Meeting, Precinct 6

Dearest Neighbor:

I am requesting your vote on Tuesday, April 30th. I am honored and excited to be a candidate for Milton Town Meeting Member in Precinct 6. The opportunity to serve my community is humbling. My husband Sam and daughters Noor, Sofia and I love Milton and are eager to invest in our community.

I have a long history of service in both the nonprofit and government sector. I have worked in youth substance abuse prevention, gang abatement, land use and planning, civil rights, gender equity, and early childhood policy. I have also worked on a number of campaigns throughout my life both in California and in Massachusetts because my heart is rooted in civic engagement, and community growth. I am a graduate of the University of California at Irvine and expect to graduate from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government next month.

I am listener and doer. I am a mom, a sister, a wife, and an advocate. I want to contribute my time, energy and experience as a collaborative leader. I am eager to work for you in order to:

  • Create solutions for our schools
  • Alleviate transportation congestion
  • Examine development that is respectful of Milton’s town character while contributing to the tax baseEnsure housing that meets the
  • needs of all residents, especially the elderly
  • Provide adequate funding for safe and healthy options for our youth as well as funding for our first responders – police and fire

I want to give back to the community that welcomed my family and I so graciously nearly three years ago, and where I want to raise my daughters. I am excited at the unique opportunity to work for you and collaborate with the other meeting members. Help me to be the second woman to represent Precinct 6! Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

I ask for one of your votes as a town meeting candidate for Precinct 6!

To learn more, please visit: www.votetahragoraya.com

In Peace,

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