Why you need to winterize your sprinkler system *before* the cold weather sets in

Why you need to winterize your sprinkler system *before* the cold weather sets in
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Why you need to winterize your sprinkler system *before* the cold weather sets in

We live in New England and this means sprinkler systems and freezing temps don’t mix.

So, if you have a lawn sprinkler (also known as an irrigation system, you need to winterize it before the temperatures dip below 32°.

The danger of not winterizing your sprinkler system:

If you forget to winterize your sprinklers, you run the risk that water will freeze in the irrigation valves, pipes and sprinkler heads. When water freezes, it expands causing the parts of your system to burst – and this means your system is destroyed. No bueno.

You can use three different methods of closing out your irrigation system for the winter:

  • Manual drain method
  • Automatic drain valve system
  • Air blowout practice

OR, you can simply get in touch with Jamie Hunt of Richard Hunt Landscaping, and let the professionals do this for you.

And if you book now, Jamie will set you up with a FREE spring turn-on – so that when those spring seedlings start popping up, you’ll be ready for them!

Get in touch with Jamie today and mention The Milton Scene to get your FREE spring sprinkler system turn-on.

Air blowout practice

Most lawn sprinkler developers recommend the air blow out system to winterize an irrigation system. Forcing air through the valves, pipes and sprinkler heads completely rids the system of water, preventing those dreaded freezing pipes.

You’ll need an air compressor that’s able to put out the right air volume and pressure at the same time. Typical home air compressors are usually too small to get the job done —you’ll probably need to rent a larger compressor. While you can blow out your system by yourself, it’s recommended that you hire a professional to winterize your sprinklers for you. Sprinkler systems are expensive and you don’t want to have to replace yours because you DIY’d the job and messed up.

If you decide to winterize on your own, make sure you know:

  1. The gallons per minute (GPM) that flow through each irrigation zone. The GPM helps you know what size air compressor you need for the job.
  2. If you have a backflow preventer, you need to blow out the preventer too.
  3. Air volume is just as vital to blowing out your system as air pressure. You only want to blow out your sprinkler with the right amount of air volume.
  4. If you don’t use enough air volume after flushing some of the water out of the system, the air will rise to the top of the water. This air movement causes water to drain into the bottom. And if water flows down, it’ll freeze and put your system in danger of damage.
  5. You should only blow out your system one zone at a time.
  6. If you blow out more than one zone at a time, you run the risk of overheating the pipes and fittings as well as melting them, so take your time. And even if your pipes and valves don’t burst right away, they may still be damaged.
  7. If the sprinkler heads stay above ground after you’re finished blowing out the system, you know that you used the right air compressor size for the job.

About Richard Hunt Landscaping:

Richard Hunt Landscaping, Inc will now be offering irrigation- repair, installation, add ons, maintenance, and water conservation (WiFi clocks etc.) for your landscape. Jamie Hunt, the youngest of the Hunt brothers, will be Operations Manager of the new service. He may be reached at 617-435-0559.

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