$7500 Anonymous Donation Makes Teen Center Free for Milton Youth

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$7500 Anonymous Donation Makes Teen Center Free for Milton Youth

Milton’s after-school drop-in space is expected to open this fall

Built on a combination of town government initiative, substance abuse advocacy, and community input, the Milton Youth Task Force was formed in 2018, and charged with a specific mandate: Begin the planning process for a much-needed teen center for the town’s middle and high school students. Now, entering into its second season of operation, the committee, appointed by the Select Board, has successfully worked with the First Congregational Church of Milton and the town’s Parks and Recreation Department to provide an after-school drop-in space for middle school students.

It has always been the hope of the Task Force to create a low or no cost opportunity, but administrative costs are a reality. The planned cost for families was $35 (a $20 middle school ID registration, plus a $15 Teen Center program fee) for access to the drop-in space, which is scheduled to open in the Fall.

Enter an anonymous benefactor. The donor’s $7500 gift has been directed to cover students’ $15 annual Teen Center fee during the 2019-2020 school year. Youth Task Force members are ecstatic.

“We know that when teens have meaningful out-of-school-time opportunities, they are less likely to participate in risky and unhealthy activities,” said Task Force leader Sarah Callahan. “This donation gives us the chance to offer access to the new Teen Center to all of our teens.  We are so grateful to this donor for making such a generous contribution to our community.”  

“Milton residents identified the need for a teen center, and the hard work of the Youth Task Force and the Parks Department, along with the goodwill of the First Congregational Church, has met that need,” said Select Board Chair Mike Zullas, who added, “This donation makes a good result for Milton even better.”

The drop-in space will be housed within a newly renovated 3000+ square foot facility in the lower level of the First Congregational Church of Milton. It will serve as a temporary teen center until a permanent location is established. Aside from the collaborative efforts of the Task Force, and Parks and Recreation Department, with key inputs from the Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, the space comes as a labor of love from the church’s congregation led by Pastor John Allen.

The drop-in space, which has been undergoing construction over the Summer, will be opening later in the Fall.

For more information regarding the drop-in center, contact:

Jennifer Goddard

Public Relations Liaison – Milton Youth Task Force

[email protected]

Sarah Callahan

Milton Youth Task Force

[email protected]

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