Warrant Committee members for 2019-2020 sworn in

warrant committee 2019-2020
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Warrant Committee members for 2019-2020 sworn in

On Wednesday, Oct. 2 the Warrant Committee was sworn in for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

The committee remains the same from 2018-2019 with the addition of Scott Johnson and John Driscoll as new members.

George Ashur will serve as Chair and Brian Beaupre will serve asSecretary.

The Warrant Committee’s website is: https://www.townofmilton.org/warrant-committee

Warrant Committee Members 2019-2020

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George A. Ashur Chair
Brian Beaupre Secretary
Rosemary C. Bouzane Member (June 2020)
Jonathan Boynton Member (June 2020)
Erin G. Bradley Member (June 2020)
Kathleen A. Cassis Member (June 2020)
Brian G. Foster Member (June 2020)
Christine J. Gimber Member (June 2020)
Clinton Graham Member (June 2020)
Christopher R. Hart Member (June 2020)
Susannah H. Hegarty Member (June 2020)
Gwendolyn Long Member (June 2020)
Douglas B. Scibeck Member (June 2020)
John E. Driscoll Member (June 2020)
Scott D. Johnson Member (June 2020)
Vacancy One
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Lynne Hoye


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