Milton Police Log: February 7 – 13, 2020

milton police log
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Milton Police Log: February 7 – 13, 2020

02/07/2020 12:49 WINDSOR ROAD

Order of Protection. 20-3-RO. Defelice vs Cahill. Order expires 2/6/20. Defendants grandmother reports party is at school and was made aware of the court update by another agency. Sandwich Police notified. Defendant stated he was served in hand.

02/07/2020 18:48 BROOK ROAD

Youth/Disturbance. SRO to file report on 2/10/20.

02/07/2020 19:10 FRANKLIN STREET

Caller reports they found a dog. Officer reports the dog was returned to the dog sitter at the above address.

02/07/2020 21:00 HUDSON STREET

Boston PD received a 911 call from a child stating his father hit him. Officers spoke with all family members and reported they were in good health.

02/07/2020 22:09 THACHER STREET

Caller reports youths ringing doorbells and running off. Officer reports searching the area with negative results.

02/08/2020 06:53 BRUSH HILL ROAD

911 Caller reported his sister possible assaulted by staff at 1200 Brush Hill RD.

02/08/2020 17:03 BLUE HILLS PARKWAY

Walk in party reported she lent her vehicle to a friend in December and it has not been returned. Officer spoke with all parties involved and advised them to make arrangements to return the vehicle.

02/08/2020 21:43 EDGEHILL ROAD

Caller reported a large group of 150-200 youths in the area. Officer reported several youths ran into Quincy. Quincy PD notified. Officer reported youths left the area in MA reg 7SX792, MA reg 2GC292, MA reg RS66VX, MA reg 66MG79, MA reg 4TVC30 and MA reg 6685BS.

02/08/2020 23:59 EDGEHILL ROAD

Tress pass complaint. Officers report a large group of youth activity within the area. Officers report all youth FIOed and sent on their way out of the area. Report to be written on officers next tour on duty. backpacks recovered placed in booking room closet.

02/09/2020 00:42 METROPOLITAN AVENUE

Caller reports an unwanted party, her ex boyfriend outside of the residence in the roadway. Officers report no direct threats have been made to the family. Party left the area prior to officers arrival. Prior to report being written Officers were called back.

02/09/2020 01:06 EDGEHILL ROAD

Caller reports a suspicious male party walking in the backyards and front yards of homes within the area. Officers searched the area with negative results.

02/09/2020 07:02 BLUE HILL AVENUE

911 Caller reports seeing a male party carrying another party over his shoulder out of the residence. Officers report speaking to the caller who is a possible 54. He also stated that he may have dreamt this event. Officers searched the area with negative results.

02/09/2020 10:48 WOOD STREET 

Caller reports eggs were thrown all over his property. See report.

02/09/2020 13:48 EDGEHILL ROAD

Ofc reports a well being check.

02/10/2020 09:02 BLUE HILL AVENUE

Detective reports a minor motor vehicle accident with no injuries. Officer reports MA Reg 2KW571 and NY Reg JJJ6516. See report.

02/10/2020 13:24 CHURCHILLS LANE

911 caller reports an unwanted party at his residence. Officer reports party left the area prior to their arrival. Officer spoke to all parties involved and peace was restored.

02/10/2020 13:46 WARREN AVENUE

Party walked into the station to report a past larceny.

02/10/2020 21:30 CENTRAL AVENUE

Caller reports vehicles parked at the above address. Officer reports parties were told to leave the area.

02/11/2020 06:30 LOTHROP AVENUE

911 Caller reported her brother has been missing since Monday 2-10-20.

02/11/2020 08:41 HUDSON STREET

Party walked into the station to report harassing calls.

02/11/2020 09:51 HOUSTON AVENUE

Walk in party reports MA reg 8MJS20 has a broken mirror and has been parked on the street for the past few days. Dispatched was unable to get in contact with the owner. Officer requested the abandonment process to be started.

02/12/2020 10:58 BLUE HILL AVENUE

Officer reports a MV stop with MA Reg 215XN1 outside the above location. Auto service notified for one tow.

02/12/2020 12:03 FERNCROFT ROAD

Party walked into the station to report fraud.

02/12/2020 14:03 HAROLD STREET

Caller reports two parties walking in her yard. One party fio’d and send on his way. Report to be written on the officers next shift.

02/12/2020 14:35 SPAFFORD ROAD

Caller reports she is out of state and saw on her home camera that there was a Rav 4 in her driveway and has since left. Officer checked the home and reports it is tight.

02/12/2020 16:23 BROOK ROAD

911 caller reports his sister had left the residence and was unsure we she went. Officers report she went for a walk and was returning to the residence.

02/12/2020 15:55 LANCASTER LANE

Party reports she was threatened at work in Boston. Party reports she filed a report with Boston Police but also wanted to document the incidents with this department.

02/12/2020 19:27 CENTRAL AVENUE

Caller reports he can hear people yelling. Officer reports they searched the area and found no signs of suspicious activity.

02/12/2020 19:40 CANTON AVENUE

911 caller reports an out of control child inside of the transportation van (Ma reg 1GD915). The mother of the youth arrived on scene to take custody of her child. See report.

02/13/2020 05:36 ROUTE 93 SOUTH

9-1-1 Caller reported two car MVA. Fire, Fallon, and State Police notified. Fallon reported no EMS.

02/13/2020 12:12 CENTRE STREET

Officer on patrol reports a dog running in the above area. ACO notified.

02/13/2020 14:09 CENTURY LANE

Caller reported a suspicious vehicle MA Reg 25781 in front of her home. Officer reported vehicle was parked legally and unoccupied.

02/13/2020 18:01 LOTHROP AVENUE

Detective Pires reports missing party at above address located in Boston. Party located in LEAPS.

02/13/2020 21:26 BLUE HILL AVENUE

Caller reports SP vehicle at above address. Officer reports two friends were hanging out in the parking lot and left the area for the night.

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