Milton Police Log: February 14 – 20, 2020

milton police log
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Milton Police Log: February 14 – 20, 2020

02/14/2020 09:58 PINE TREE BROOK RD

Walk in party reports missing jewelry.

02/14/2020 16:44 GILE ROAD

Assist. See report.

02/14/2020 17:03 GRANITE AVENUE

Boston Police reported two SP males possibly in MA reg 5SX341 attempting to sell stereo systems to pedestrians in the above area. Officer reports unfounded.

02/14/2020 17:09 PILGRIM ROAD

Caller reports his old brother is unresponsive and his father is performing CPR. Quincy PD notified as it was determined to be in their jurisdiction. Brewster Ambulance transported to Quincy hospital. Milton Fire, Milton PD, and Fallons assisted.

02/15/2020 09:07 HILLSIDE STREET

State Police Milton requested a female officer for a prisoner search. Officer assisted.

02/15/2020 14:07 BLUE HILL AVENUE

Avon PD requested an Officer try to raise someone at the above address and have them contact Avon. Officer reports no one was home.

02/15/2020 14:24 WOLCOTT ROAD

Caller reports a suspicious blue car in the back lot. Officer reports MA Reg Y753 pulled over to use his phone.

02/15/2020 20:27 BRUSH HILL ROAD

911 caller reports a party at the above address who is not a patient and appears to be confused. Fallon notified for an evaluation. Officer reports transporting the party to 82 Green Street in Jamaica Plain.

02/15/2020 22:01 REEDSDALE ROAD Suspicious

Caller reports an unknown party rang their doorbell at the above address. Officer reports the party was an edible arrangements delivery driver.

02/16/2020 00:11 CEDAR TERR STREET

Caller reports noise complaint at above address. Officer reports residents turned the music down.

02/16/2020 01:39 REEDSDALE ROAD Accident

Multiple callers report one car MVA. Fallon and Fire notified. Auto service notified for one tow for MA reg 1AWE81. No EMS.

02/16/2020 06:59 HIGHLAND STREET

Caller reports she believes something was stolen from her at the hospital.

02/16/2020 21:30 HILLSIDE STREET

Caller reports he saw a party in his backyard wearing a head lamp. Officer reports the party was gone on arrival and nothing was disturbed.

02/16/2020 23:30 THACHER STREET

Caller reports suspicious open garage door. Officer secured door. No further police service required.

02/17/2020 07:13 THACHER STREET

Caller reports SP male looking around his property and crouched down behind a shed. Officer reports they searched the area with negative results of the party.

02/17/2020 11:40 BROOK ROAD

Ma reg 7EWF20 towed by Auto Service for other motor vehicle violations. Citation issued.

02/17/2020 14:47 CUSHING ROAD

Party walked into the station to report possible bullying against her daughter. Officer reports party seeking advice only at this time. No report.

02/17/2020 20:00 HOUSTON AVENUE

Caller reports she received a harassing phone call. See report.

02/18/2020 11:27 ORCHARD ROAD

Party walked into the station to report a missing license plate. Item was entered into Leaps as stolen. NIC # P167113627. See report.

02/18/2020 15:57 DYER AVENUE

9-1-1 Caller reported his moped was stolen. Officer reported it was a black moped with a rack on the back and a lime green helmet.

02/18/2020 19:08 HOUSTON AVENUE

Caller reported a possible scam. Officer advised the party it was a social security scam and to block the phone number.

02/18/2020 20:55 BROOK ROAD

Party entered as missing in LEAPS. See report. Party located on 2/19/20 at Quincy Court.

02/18/2020 21:53 HUDSON STREET

Caller requested to speak to an officer regarding information on his niece from incident # 2020-1713. Officer reported the party provided him with the same information previously given by other family members.

02/19/2020 06:30 DEERFIELD DRIVE

911 caller reports a light being shut off in her home, believes someone maybe in her home. Officers walk through the home report the home is secure. Caller satisfied.

02/19/2020 09:06 CHURCH STREET

Walk in party seeks advice on getting a 209A. Officer advised party to go to QDC.

02/19/2020 10:03 HIGH STREET

Caller reports construction workers on his property. Officer reports neighbor dispute. Parties spoken to and satisfied.

02/19/2020 11:24 FRANKLIN STREET

Caller reports an automated internet scam. Parties advised not to respond. NO report.

02/19/2020 14:09 BROOK ROAD

Missing Person – Located. Party located at Quincy District Court by Lt Det Collins and Sgt Det Murphy. Party removed from Leaps as missing.

02/19/2020 20:36 ELIOT STREET

Caller reports a suspicious dark colored sedan parked in the back rear parking lot occupied. Officers report there are no vehicles parked in the surrounding area.

02/19/2020 22:39 RANDOLPH AVENUE

Caller report a suspicious make running from the store. Officer reports she spoke to the clerk and they are fine.

02/20/2020 11:36 BLUE HILLS PARKWAY

911 caller reports her son was assaulted earlier in the day in Boston. Fallons and fire notified. Boston Police notified and will handle. Fallon transported one to the BI-Milton.

02/20/2020 15:28 SPRUCE STREET

Caller reported her front door was broken. Officer reported it appeared to be a vandalism to the door and the inside of the residence was undisturbed.

02/20/2020 17:26 LODGE STREET

Walk in party reported SP activity. See report.

02/20/2020 21:40 EDGEHILL ROAD

Cunningham Security reported youths in the pool area. Officer reported the youths were picked up by parents. Cunningham Security will handle the trespass notices.

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