Top Milton Neighbors posts for February 2020

Milton Neighbors most popular top posts
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Top Milton Neighbors posts for February 2020

Just in case you missed them, we’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past 28 days.

1. February 16, 2020: Car traveling the wrong way on Boulevard Street in East Milton Square

“Tell me what is wrong about this picture. Ready go ……”

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2. February 20, 2020: If you’re sick, why can’t you see your doctor?

“Can someone school me on this because I feel like I’m in the twilight zone… Anytime I am sick and would like to see the doc, I call and am told they don’t have an appointment for another week……but I’m sick now. Their advice is to go to a walk in urgent care place.”

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3. February 21, 2020: Barnes and Noble staying open!

“Barnes and Noble in Braintree, slated to close tomorrow because the landlord was raising the rent 50 percent, just signed a last-minute deal and now they will remain open!!! Yay!!!!”

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4. February 13, 2020: Bassett Street CVS: disaster

“… CVS is very alarmed over what is going on at [the Bassett Street] location, but CVS is in the process of addressing it, but it will take time.”

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5. February 18, 2020: Barnes and Noble closing

I just found out B&N in Braintree is closing. Here’s the article on it. This was so convenient.”

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6. February 16, 2020: Canton Avenue 40B proposal

“[The developers] are proposing a 132 unit 40B rental, which we were very surprised and disturbed as this does not seem to go with the feeling of our neighborhood and the wild life.”

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7. February 15, 2020: Blue Hills Towing company tribute to Jackie Wuestefeld (video)

“What an amazing Tribute for the family of Blue Hills towing. The Funeral today of one of the owners. Rest In Peace Jackie Wuestefeld.”

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8. February 8, 2020: Home egging

“When you come home and find your house covered in eggs…’s not okay.”

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9. February 19, 2020: Passport photos are the worst

“Where to get a passport photo taken? The government rejected the one I took using CVS’s self-service kiosk. Apparently the cosmetics aisle is not a suitable background.”

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Editor’s note: For some reason, Facebook caps the top posts information at nine (9). I guess 10 is just too even? Or maybe Putin stole the info for #10. Either way, we fully realize “Top 9” is a little odd.


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