Good Stuff: Thursday, April 2, 2020

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Good Stuff: Thursday, April 2, 2020

The funny

batman covid19

The inspirational

Sir Patrick Stewart is treating us to a Sonnet a day on Twitter:

Patrick Stewart - sonnet a day

The reminder

safe at home

The feel good

Milton Neighbors lined up last week to celebrate Milton Cancer Survivor Hannah Serpa’s fifth birthday – with help from the Milton Police Department, Milton Fire Department, and the Milton Public Schools. Hannah was supposed to be at Disney with Make A Wish Foundation for her birthday but could not go due the pandemic.

hannah serpa

The “take a breath”

This painting of plovers (?) is calming:

The yummy

Locally owned Catering by Terrie is offering free delivery of family meals.

Sign up here.

catering by terrie family meals

The Milton Scene will be posting “good stuff” to help keep Milton Neighbors’ spirits up during the crisis.

Do you have “good stuff”?

Please: share it in the comments, tweet or share it with the hashtag #goodstuff


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