Good Stuff: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 – a backyard marathon, tulips, tacos & more!

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Good Stuff: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 – a backyard marathon, tulips, tacos & more!

The funny

Every parent, since mid-March:

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The inspirational

A British man ran a marathon in his 20-foot backyard during the coronavirus lockdown — and thousands tuned in


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Breaking the tape on my own little “Backyard Marathon” 🏁🏆 . 42.2km➗30 (Meters) = 1,406.666 times I ran up and down my garden to complete the “backyard marathon”- 5hrs 23mins 50secs. . The world is messed up right now, people are lost and don’t know what to do. I am the same, quarantine in the UAE has us staying in doors for the safety of everyone which I get and totally understand and back it #stayhome . But I missed my running and decided to make use of what I have and do the best I could. Coming out of it very positive and happy. Almost as much happiness as any @wmmajors I have ran before. Because in my head I made it that way. If my mindset was wrong this could of been so boring and miserable. But it wasn’t, I had fun, I feel and felt good and hopefully it may of helped and inspired others to get up and get active in this difficult time, not to run a marathon in the back garden. But just to move, do a circuit session from your social feed, take 10mins to run along your balcony, down the garden path, up the stairs at home. Anything is better than nothing. Mentally and physically your body and mind needs it. Do it. Do anything. Smile, be positive and be safe when you do it! PLEASE!! You will help yourself and you will inspire others to do the same. . Amazing to have my little support crew there to run with me in some parts and then to be there at the end to help me finish strong and pass me a very unique and special handmade medal 🥇 😍. One medal no one else will ever get 😉 . @adidas @adidasrunners @adidasrunning . #fortheloveofrunning #stayhome #adidasrunners #hometeam #uae #backyardmarathon #alwaysfinishstrong #finishlinechallenge

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The feel good

Inhale, exhale… how gorgeous are these?

The yummy

Tacos and beer takeout!

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