QuaranSCREEN PALS connects senior citizens with local kid & teen screen pals

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QuaranSCREEN PALS connects senior citizens with local kid & teen screen pals

Miltonian kids set up group to engage community:

QuaranSCREEN PALS is a friendly group connecting senior citizens with screen pals while social distancing during this historic COVID-19 pandemic.

Studies show that prolonged loneliness increases the risk for depression, anxiety, and feelings of stress, which all contribute to worsening physical health and poor health behaviors. While staying home is difficult for everyone, it is especially hard on our elderly family, friends, and neighbors who don’t have school or jobs to help them stay busy.

During the pandemic we have been keeping in touch with our grandparents virtually and see how happy it makes them to read our texts or watch videos we make. We thought about the the many other grandparents and retirees who may be struggling while separated from their families, friends, and support systems during this time.

We set up this group to help kids and teens engage with seniors in the community by sharing videos, art, stories, recipes, activities, online events, jokes, memes, comments, or anything that will help brighten the day. Click the ABOUT tab on the left to read the rules and see how the group protects children. You can share this group with your friends on fb or by texting or emailing the link facebook.com/groups/quaranscreenpals.

Please share this group with all the grandparents, seniors, retirees, teens, and kids in your lives because no one should have to face COVID-19 in isolation.

Thank you from founders,
Mackenzie Grade 8 Newton Country Day School
Liam Grade 9 Xaverian Brothers High School

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