South Shore residents form FLAG Boston

Calling Volunteers for Disaster Relief
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South Shore residents form FLAG Boston

Along with some amazing local South Shore friends, I am SO excited to share that we have initiated FLAG Boston – a group of volunteers serving those on the front lines in hospitals while benefitting our restaurants.
This originated from an idea that started successfully in NJ, moved on to Metro Detroit and based on their tremendous success in a very short time, we decided to launch it in the Boston area!
⭐️100% of the money raised will be used to buy meals from local restaurants and delivered to local hospital staff.
⭐️ The goal is to have other cities duplicate this model and give people an easy way to make an impact while helping all our AMAZING medical teams.
⭐️You are invited to join this group, donate and PLEASE help spread the word by sharing this page with others!
⭐️We have set up two ways to donate to FLAG Boston. We are asking for small amounts between $10-$20.
Thank you SO much – your donation may be small, but together we can make a HUGE difference!!!
1) PayPal: Send to [email protected] (use “Friends and Family” so we don’t incur charges)
2) Venmo: @flagboston (if Venmo asks for a 4 digit code to confirm use 4249)

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