Recent college grad launches free resource hub for aspiring young entrepreneurs

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Recent college grad launches free resource hub for aspiring young entrepreneurs

Starting her marketing firm at the age of 19 and successfully reaching her first six-figure year by the age of 21, marketing consultant and entrepreneur Ashley Mason always felt like something was lacking in her professional life–and it was the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs her age.

“Since the day I started Dash of Social, I spent hours upon hours surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs, learning everything I could, and working hard to build my business,” said Mason. “But truthfully, I didn’t know what I was doing, I had to teach myself everything, and I felt really lonely. I wanted to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals but could never find one.”

Since taking her business full-time upon graduating from Stonehill College in May 2019, Mason became even more passionate about encouraging other young individuals to launch their dream businesses rather than following the 9-5 route that’s expected of them. After delivering a TEDx talk in October 2019 on the same subject, Mason began putting things into motion for Student to CEO–a free resource hub consisting of a podcast, blog, Facebook group, and resource area that supports students with taking that leap into entrepreneurship.

Mason explained, “I needed something like Student to CEO when I was first starting Dash of Social. And I knew that if I needed it, other people do, too. The dialogue around starting a business while young needs to change, and if Student to CEO can play even a small role in that, we’ll be one step closer to inspiring thousands of young, brilliant individuals to start their venture.”

To learn more about Student to CEO and discover all that it has to offer, visit

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