100 Women Who Care Milton Virtual June Event

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100 Women Who Care Milton Virtual June Event

Join the 100 Women Who Care Milton for their virtual event on June 9 at 8:00 p.m.

100 Women Who Care Milton is a grassroots mobilization of fundraising for community-focused impact. We are not a registered charity, non-profit organization, or club. We are volunteer facilitators who for the last year have provided networking events to connect Milton’s caring, giving women with local charitable organizations. This will be our very first virtual event!

Our mission is to help our communities by finding at least 100 women who want to make an impact by coming to our quarterly events, pledging $100 at those one-hour meetings to support a local charity. At each meeting, an opportunity is provided for three attendees to present a 5-minute description of three different local 501(c)3 organizations in need. After, all members vote on which charity they wish to support. The winner is announced and the group’s pooled funds are forwarded to that charity. This allows the charity to feel the huge impact that 100 Women Who Care can make…together. At the following meeting, the winning organization tells us how the money was used and what impact it had on the community and the charity.

Previously, charities would be nominated, and the three charities to be presented would be chosen during the meeting. Due to the virtual format of this meeting, we will ask those who wish to nominate a charity to do so prior to the event, as we will be picking the three charities to vote on prior to the event. Details will be forwarded to all who register.

You can register by visiting this link.

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