Milton Police Log: May 17 – 25, 2020

milton police log
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Milton Police Log: May 17 – 25, 2020

05/17/2020 02:25 WOODLAND ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports hearing gunshots within the area believes the neighbors may be hunting animals. Officers searched the area with negative
results. Call Unfounded.

05/17/2020 02:41 BLUE HILL AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Fuller Village staff report hearing a popping sound unsure whether it could be fireworks or gunshots. Officers report all is quiet within the

05/17/2020 12:50 GILE ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Caller reports a large group of youth playing baseball, Caller concerned due to social distancing guidelines. Officers report speaking to
the youth who are keeping proper distance.

05/17/2020 19:29 WARREN AVENUE Youth/Disturbance

Caller reports a large group of youths congregating in the street and not social distancing. Ofc reports youths were gone on arrival.

05/17/2020 23:55 BRUSH HILL ROAD Assist Other Departments

911 Misdial/Hang up within the area. State police notified and handled.

05/18/2020 11:28 WARREN AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports his neighbor was asking him questions and seem disoriented. Neighbor is a known 54. Peace restored.

05/18/2020 14:26 CANTON AVENUE Items – Lost-Missing

Walk-in party reports his license was stolen. Officer reports party misplaced his license and would be getting a new one from the RMV.

05/18/2020 21:31 GOVERNORS ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports identity theft and bank card opened in her name. No money missing at this time.

05/18/2020 23:49 WOLCOTT ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reported a suspicious vehicle in the above parking lot. Officer reported the vehicle in question AZ Reg AJ8678. Operator pulled over
to rest. Party sent on his way peace restored.

05/19/2020 16:47 BELCHER CIRCLE Youth/Disturbance

Multiple callers reported a group of youths fighting. Officer reported the youths were no longer fighting and were sent on their way.

05/20/2020 05:43 ELIOT STREET Suspicious Activity

911 Caller reports believes she could hear yelling and items being thrown within the residence. Officers report only party home at the
time who had accidentally knocked over a vacuum.

05/20/2020 18:32 KAHLER AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Deputy reports an unlocked back door. Officer reports no signs of suspicious activities and able to secure the door.

05/20/2020 19:59 COLUMBINE ROAD Larceny

Caller reports he was scammed.

05/20/2020 20:30 ADAMS STREET Youth/Disturbance

911 caller reports youths riding bicycles on the road. Officer reports spoke to youths and sent on their way.

05/21/2020 01:08 CURTIS ROAD Suspicious Activity

911 Caller reported items were missing from her apartment. Officer reported a bag of laundry was taken, caller advised to check-in with
the staff to see if it was misplaced. No police service.

05/21/2020 03:38 FLETCHER STEELE WAY Suspicious Activity

911 Caller reported hearing voices and someone in her home. Officer reported the house was secure and no signs of a disturbance.
Caller satisfied.

05/21/2020 12:02 MARILYN ROAD Suspicious Activity ARREST

Det Bullard reports two parties under arrest.

05/21/2020 14:32 BRUSH HILL ROAD Animal Complaint

Caller reports dog chasing her and her kids. ACO notified.

05/21/2020 15:55 VOSES LANE Animal Complaint

Caller reports he found a dog. ACO notified.

05/21/2020 17:18 CAPEN STREET Larceny

Caller reports they fell for a scam.

05/21/2020 20:44 TRUMAN PARKWAY Assist Other

911 caller reports a three-car motor vehicle accident, with injuries. Fallon, Fire State Police notified. Officer reports vehicles with Ma reg.
38DC323, 1KHV85 and 9DTT30. Fallon transported to the BI-Boston. State Police Milton handled.

05/22/2020 07:55 ELIOT STREET Suspicious Activity

911 caller reports female party screaming and seeming to be disoriented. Officer reports party does not need police assistance and is
going to get on trolley.

05/22/2020 14:32 WASHINGTON STREET Larceny

Caller reports past B&E to a motor vehicle.

05/22/2020 15:02 BLUE HILL AVENUE Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports neighbor put up a camera in the front of the house. Officer spoke to party and reports it is a civil matter.

05/22/2020 15:46 HILLSVIEW ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller from 27 Vosehill reports some sort of altercation. Officer reports it was a rolling parade.

05/22/2020 17:49 GILE ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Caller reported he was concerned about the safety of the youths participating in a celebratory parade. Officer searched the area with
negative results.

05/22/2020 18:25 BLUE HILLS PARKWAY Youth/Disturbance

9-1-1 Caller reported youths fighting in the above area. State Police notified. Officer searched the area with negative results.

05/22/2020 19:37 BLUE HILLS PARKWAY Vandalism – Mal.Misch

Caller reports a broken window.

05/22/2020 19:42 BROOK ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Caller reports older youths in the playground. Officer moved a small group.

05/22/2020 21:14 HUDSON STREET Suspicious Activity

9-1-1 Caller reported she believed someone was in her house. Officer checked the house and reported it was all set.

05/22/2020 21:27 WEST STREET Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reported loud music coming from her neighbor’s porch. Officer reported he spoke to the homeowners and they would be turning
the music down.

05/22/2020 22:49 FULLERS LANE Youth/Disturbance

Caller reports youth activity. Officer searched the area with negative results.

05/23/2020 00:40 ADAMS STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller reports a vehicle parked in the rear parking lot occupied idling for about an hour. Officer reports vehicle with Ma reg 9AE216, two
parties talking in the vehicle. Both parties sent on their way.

05/23/2020 02:10 BROOK ROAD Accident – H&R CASE REPORT

911 Caller reports a motor vehicle accident, vehicle off a cliff. Fallon Fire and Auto service notified for one tow. Officers report a vehicle
with Ma reg 7GD461 drove off the cliff area while also striking vehicles with Ma reg 78X590 and 45Y790. Fallon reports one transported to
the Carney Hospital.

05/23/2020 07:45 WARREN AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports she needed to speak to an officer regarding an SP issue. Officer reports no police service.

05/23/2020 10:58 HOUSTON AVENUE Animal Complaint

Caller reports fox in his neighbor’s garage. Officer reports foxes built a den and appear to be sick. ACO notified.

05/23/2020 11:04 ABERDEEN ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

9-1-1 Caller reported a dispute with her neighbor regarding a wall being built. Officer reported there were questions about plot lines and
parties were advised to reach out to town hall.

05/23/2020 12:36 EILEEN ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports SP vehicle driving around the neighborhood looking at multiple residences.

05/23/2020 15:15 CURTIS ROAD Assist OtherDepartments ARREST

Holbrook PD reports restraining order was violated in their town and party in question is now at above address making contacting with
the children. Officer reports order was not violated in Milton. Party was booked and Holbrook PD picked up that party and transported him
back to their station.

05/23/2020 16:31 GRAFTON AVENUE Animal Complaint

Caller reports a raccoon stuck in a hockey net. Milton fire notified. Caller reports a neighbor was able to get the raccoon out of the net,
Milton Fire cancelled prior to their arrival.

05/23/2020 18:16 BELVOIR ROAD Suspicious Activity ARREST

Refer to incident 2020-5052. Officers reports one party placed under arrest. Detectives report all children have been placed with a guardian or in foster care.

05/23/2020 18:33 ADAMS STREET Youth/Disturbance

Caller reports approximately 10 youth on bikes causing a disturbance, going in and out of traffic. Officer checked the surrounding area
with negative results.

05/23/2020 19:24 NORWAY ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller requesting to speak to an officer for advice regarding a potential scam she received through the mail.

05/23/2020 20:20 REEDSDALE ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports potential scam.

05/23/2020 20:44 ADAMS STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller reports female party at above address. Officer reports party is making her way to Winthrop.

05/23/2020 21:10 HOUSTON AVENUE Youth/Disturbance

Caller reports group of youth knocking at his door. Officer reports two youths spoke to and sent on their way. Caller satisfied.

05/24/2020 00:02 CHURCHILLS LANE B&E M/V

Caller reports her neighbors car alarm sounding, caller looked to her own vehicle to find the interior light on (Ma reg 2NH442) rummaged
through with no belongings taken. Officers searched the surrounding area with negative results. Shortly later officer FIO’ed one party on a
bicycle with possesion of a flashlight within the area.

05/24/2020 02:16 ANNAPOLIS ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports youth ringing his doorbell and running away. Officer reports checked the area with negative results.

05/24/2020 15:50 BASSETT STREET Suspicious Activity

Security reports a suspicious male looking in vehicles. Officer reports he searched the area for that party with negative results. See

05/24/2020 16:59 EDGEHILL ROAD Items – Lost-Missing

Party reports she lost her wallet. See report.

05/24/2020 19:55 BROOK ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports loud music. Officer reports he spoke to the owner who agreed to turn it down.

05/24/2020 20:19 BELCHER CIRCLE Youth/Disturbance

Caller reports youths in the park., Officer reports the youths ran away from him. Officer reports he searched the area with negative results.

05/24/2020 20:39 EDGEHILL ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Cunningham Security reports a group of youths past the bridge. Officer reports a group left the area. Officer reports he located a group on
Lymna Rd and they moved as well.

05/24/2020 21:12 HOUSTON AVENUE Youth/Disturbance GONE ON ARRIVAL

Caller reports youths ringing the doorbell. Officer reports he searched the area with negative results

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