Milton Neighbors’ Choice Award winners announced for 2020

2020 milton neighbors choice award winners
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Milton Neighbors’ Choice Award winners announced for 2020

This past May, we invited Milton Neighbors to vote for their favorite local businesses. We are so excited about the number of neighbors who participated in voting!

Congratulations to the winning businesses!

Favorite local bakery:

Montilio’s Baking Company

Favorite local bar/night life:


Favorite local caterer/food delivery service:

Catering by Terrie

Favorite local coffee/breakfast spot:

The Plate

Favorite local dine-in restaurant:

Steel & Rye

Favorite local pizza:

Peel Pizza Company

Favorite local take-out:

Mr. Chan’s

Favorite local architect:

Blutt Architecture

Favorite local auto shop:

Milton Auto Repair

Favorite local electrician:

Jim Butler

Favorite local general contractor:

Al McIsaac

Favorite local handyman:

Ian Grigorio

Favorite local interior designer/decorator:

Liz Miller Interiors

Favorite local landscaping service:

Driscoll’s Landscaping

Favorite local plumber/HVAC service:

Barron Plumbing

Favorite local extra-curricular activity/business for elementary school kids:


Favorite private school:

St. Agatha School

Favorite public school:

Milton High School

Favorite local gym/yoga:

Fitness Unlimited

Favorite local hair salon:

Gervasi & Co.

Favorite local massage therapy:

Kneaded Therapy

Favorite local nail salon:

Milton Nails & Spa

Favorite local spa/skincare:

Belle Visage

Favorite local dentist (for adults):

Harte Dental

Favorite local dentist (for children):

Dental 1

Favorite local pediatrician:

Milton Pediatrics

Favorite local physical therapy service:

Elliott Physical Therapy

Favorite local physician (adults):

South Shore Internal Medicine

pet services - Milton Neighbors Choice Awards

Favorite local dog-walking service:

Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting

Favorite local pet groomer:

Waggey Land

Favorite local pet sitting service:

Waya Walks

Favorite local accountant:

Green Oak Financial

Favorite attorney/legal service:

Barrett & Barrett

Favorite local insurance agent:

Sullivan Insurance

Favorite store/local shopping experience:

Fruit Center Marketplace

Favorite Milton real estate agent:

Kathy Huntington

Favorite local financial planner:

Joe Parlavecchio

Favorite local entertainer, art/theater experience:

Milton Art Center

Favorite local photographer:

Boston Baby Photos


See all of Milton’s recommended businesses:

View our business directory.

Business Opportunities:

Please contact us for special advertising opportunities for winning businesses.

Indicates Premium Business Listing.

Thanks for everyone’s participation and congratulations to the winning businesses!

Disclaimer: online surveys are not intended to be a scientific sample of local opinion. Instead, they are a way for readers to share their opinions with the Milton Scene and Milton Neighbors.
Respondents are not randomly selected, but select themselves to vote on a specific question or set of questions. In addition, while online polls and surveys are designed to allow only one vote per user, technically savvy users may find ways around this limitation. For these reasons, the polls and surveys are not presented as scientific surveys or as representative of the opinion of the general population of our readership areas, region or nation.
Winning businesses are not permitted to win in two categories. In the case where winning businesses place first choice in two different categories, the category in which the winner has the most total votes will be the business’s winning category.

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