Milton Police Log: July 6 – 13, 2020

milton police log
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Milton Police Log: July 6 – 13, 2020

07/06/2020 00:25 WOLCOTT ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports a suspicious vehicle circling the parking lot. Officer reports a vehicle with Ma reg 1JR289 exiting the lot upon arrival. No other vehicles within the area.

07/06/2020 16:34 BLUE HILL AVENUE OUI – Alcohol ARREST

Officer reported motor vehicle accident at the above address. Fire and Fallon notified for an evaluation. Officer reported MA Commercial Reg S83865, MA Reg 2BE825 and MA Reg 5KA346 were the vehicles involved. Fallon reported no EMS. One party placed under arrest for OUI and warrant service, Warrant located in LEAPS. See the report for particulars.

07/06/2020 17:33 LODGE STREET Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports his neighbor is taking down his fence. Officer advised the parties involved to contact the building inspector Peace restored.

07/06/2020 22:26 BLUE HILL AVENUE Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports her neighbor is banging on the wall. Officer reports both parties agreed to stop making noise.

07/07/2020 00:54 SQUANTUM STREET Suspicious Activity NO POLICE SERVICE

Caller reported a suspicious vehicle parked in the above area. Officer reported the vehicle in question MA Reg 3EW225 belonged to a neighbor. Operator and passenger were talking before heading inside. No police service.

07/07/2020 07:07 VERNDALE ROAD Neighbor Disturbance NO POLICE SERVICE

Caller requested to speak with an officer regarding a landlord tenant dispute. Officer reported a on going civil matter between landlord tenant. No police service.

07/07/2020 08:59 ELIOT STREET Assist Other Departments CASE REPORT

Norton Police reports they located a Milton resident in their town who doesn’t know how she got there but stated she does have a newborn child. A check of the Milton home was negative of any parties being there. Ofc Martin spoke withe childs grandmother who reported the child is at Brigham and Womens Hospital. Norton Police report the female party they located was transported to Norton Hospital.

07/07/2020 09:20 WHARF STREET Suspicious Activity CASE REPORT

Officer reports he found ballistics evidence at above address. Detectives notified. K9 deployed. See report.

07/07/2020 10:01 ADAMS STREET Animal Complaint

Officer was flagged down by party who reported a deceased dog in the above area. ACO notified and reports animal was unfounded.

07/07/2020 12:04 TUCKER STREET Animal Complaint CASE REPORT

Caller reports an ongoing issue with the neighbors dog. Animal Control notified. See report.

07/07/2020 13:46 DYER AVENUE Neighbor Disturbance CASE REPORT

Caller reports an ongoing neighbor disturbance over a driveway and vehicles blocking the driveway. Caller advised it is a civil issue and that she can arrange for her own private tow.

07/07/2020 16:01 DYER AVENUE Neighbor Disturbance

Caller requested to speak to an officer regarding an ongoing issue with a neighbor. Officer reported a constable was on scene and served paperwork which was scanned in and added to incident. Officer reported the vehicle would be moved for now. All parties advised it was a civil matter.

07/08/2020 00:25 DYER AVENUE Neighbor Disturbance

Caller requested to speak to an officer regarding the paperwork from incident # 2020-7024 and two vehilces in driveway.. Party advised of the civil matter concerning the property lines with driveway. Officer attempted to move vehicles but no one came to the door of 66 Dyer Ave.

07/08/2020 00:28 HIGHLAND STREET Assist Other Departments

911 text caller reports an issue with a female party making Q5 statements and divining erratically in Brighton. Brighton PD notified and handled

07/08/2020 09:10 CANTON AVENUE Larceny CASE REPORT

Caller reports a larceny during the night from his front yard. See report.

07/08/2020 09:22 DEXTER STREET Other MV Violations

Caller reports a neighbors disabled motor vehicle has been parked in front of her home for over a week. Vehicle towed by Auto Service and Tire for other motor vehicle violations. Owner cited. Tow sheet filled out.

07/08/2020 10:26 PLEASANT STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller reports she is being scammed.

07/08/2020 16:07 BASSETT STREET Accident – P/D CASE REPORT

Caller reports MA reg 66HP74 hitting multiple parked vehicles. Fallon notified. Officer reports MA reg 424WG7, MA reg 4AR728, and MA reg 9057ED were all hit. Auto service and Tire notified for one tow. Fallon transported one to Milton Hospital.

07/08/2020 17:22 FERNCROFT ROAD Animal Complaint

Caller reports her dog got out of the yard. ACO notified and handled.

07/08/2020 18:52 DYER AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports male party walking around her yard. Officer reports party is a constable attempting to serve a no trespass order to OYEBANJI from MAURICE-GOODRICH . OYEBANJI was served the order. A copy of the order will be faxed to Officer Cherry Jr

07/08/2020 20:48 REEDSDALE ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reported a help sign in the window of the above address. Officer reported it was a Halloween decoration that was left up.

07/08/2020 22:22 ELIOT STREET Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports her neighbor at above address is being loud. Officer reports parties are outside and maintaining a reasonable noise level.

07/09/2020 00:52 ELIOT STREET Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reported her neighbor was playing loud music. Officer reported the resident agreed to turn off the music peace restored.

07/09/2020 07:57 BRANDON ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports that she left her vehicle unlocked over night and thinks there is possibly someone in the vehicle. Officer reports party was sent on his way. Pls refer to incident 7102 for possible car entry from this suspect.

07/09/2020 08:06 BASSETT STREET Accident – P/D

Caller reports minor two car MVA with no injuries. Officer reports MA reg 1AAD81 and MA reg 3DVB71. Paper exchange.

07/09/2020 09:31 BROOK ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports possibly youths broke into her motor vehicle. See report under origianl incident 2020-7059

07/09/2020 10:06 SQUANTUM STREET Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports her neighbor is building a fence on her property. Officer reports it is a civil matter.

07/09/2020 11:31 ST MARY’S ROAD Larceny

Caller reports past B&E MV.

07/09/2020 12:32 HILLSIDE STREET Assist Other Departments

Park Rangers requested assistance for an injured hiker. Fire and Fallon notified. Fallon transported one to BI Milton.

07/09/2020 19:21 WARREN AVENUE Animal Complaint

911 caller reports a lost dog around Common Market and will bring to the pound. Animal control notified.

07/09/2020 20:15 HERRICK DRIVE Animal Complaint

Caller reports a coyote i in her back yard. Officer reports the coyote left on arrival.

07/09/2020 22:51 UNQUITY ROAD Assist Other Departments

MVA MA reg 9PX856. Ofc report the incident was on State Police. Fallon reports transport party to Milton hospital.

07/09/2020 23:10 SADDLE RIDGE ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Caller reports a group of 12-13 yr old kids have rang his door bell 4 times and ran away. Officer searched the area with negative results.

07/09/2020 23:52 JOHNSON STREET Neighbor Disturbance

911 Caller reported a loud party in the backyard. Officer reported he spoke with the homeowner who agreed to keep it down.

07/10/2020 10:33 PAGODA CIRCLE Larceny

Walk in party reports his bank account was hacked. See report.

07/10/2020 15:50 ADAMS STREET Accident – P/D CASE REPORT

911 Caller reported MVA. Officer reported the vehicles as NJ reg 678336R and MA reg 24J. See report.

07/11/2020 01:46 ELIOT STREET Neighbor Disturbance CASE REPORT

911 Call from a interpreter agency reported the resident could hear loud music coming from the above apartment. Officer reported the resident agreed to turn down the music. Peace restored, see report for particulars.

07/11/2020 09:36 BLUE HILLS PARKWAY Assist Other Departments

Caller reports two car MVA. Fire, Fallon and State PD notified. Officer reports MA reg 2XT379 and MA reg 2KTZ84. State PD handled.

07/11/2020 10:02 WOODMERE DRIVE Suspicious Activity

Caller who was not home reports her neighbor contacted her that her front door was wide open.Officer reports the house was secure.

07/11/2020 13:25 BLUE HILL AVENUE Accident – P/D CASE REPORT

911 Caller reported MVA. Fire and Fallon notified. Officer reported the vehicles as MA reg 7RA667 and MA reg 1275JT. Auto Service & Tire notified for one tow. Officer to write report on next tour of duty.

07/11/2020 16:57 WENDELL PARK Suspicious Activity

Caller reported she received a strange text message on her cell phone that was sent to her and other contacts from her phone book. Officer advised caller to block the number and to call back with anything further.

07/11/2020 22:24 TUCKER STREET Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reported loud music at the neighbor’s house. Officer reported he spoke with the homeowners who would be turning the music down to a reasonable level.

07/11/2020 18:30 HIGHLAND STREET Mutual Aid (Requested)

Randolph PD sent Spanish speaking officer to assist with bailing of prisoner from I# 2020-7176.

07/12/2020 00:04 EDGEHILL ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Cunningham security reports 3 youths within the pool area. Officer reports the youths left prior to his arrival. Officer checked the area with negative results.

07/12/2020 00:50 RIDGEWOOD ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports loud music coming from the area. Officers reports all is quiet within the neighborhood.

 07/12/2020 01:21 BELVOIR ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports fireworks in the area. Officers searched the area with negative results.

07/12/2020 18:42 RANDOLPH AVENUE Accident – P/D

Caller reports a Motor vehicle accident, unknown injuries. Officer reports vehicles with Ma reg 7SW248 and 9FY572 involved with negitive injuries, officer assisted with a paper exchange.

07/12/2020 22:26 MARILYN ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Caller reports youths on bicycles causing a disturbance within the area, youths seeming to had knocked on his front door and were looking in his windows. Officer reports speaking to multiple youths as the group had dispersed. See persons screens.

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