Top Milton Neighbors posts for July 2020 released

Milton Neighbors most popular top posts
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Top Milton Neighbors posts for July 2020 released

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past 28 days.

1. July 28, 2020: Poor treatment of a young local employee

It’s a very sad day today because one of my daughter’s closest friend, who has grown up here in Milton for many years was subjected to her second racist remark from a customer while working at our Fruit Center. The young lady of color was assisting the customer by placing his items on the counter to be rung up and he said, “Well you better do it or I’ll call Trump. ”


2. July 24, 2020: Birthday wishes for a 99 year old Miltonian

“Happy 99th birthday to our neighbor on Plymouth Ave Rita Callahan.”


3. July 11, 2020: Article share – New York Times: Internal CDC documents warn full reopening of schools is ‘highest risk’ for coronavirus spread


4. July 30, 2020: Home fire, with safe outcome

“I would to thank all our neighbors on Westvale and surrounding streets who rallied around us today. We unfortunately had a fire that caused significant damage to the back of our house. Our friends and neighbors offered so much love and support for which we are very grateful! We live in a great neighborhood!”


5. July 26, 2020: Unsafe new intersection signage?

“In my opinion, where Neponset Valley Parkway, Milton St and Brush Hill Road meet near Paul’s Bridge, this intersection will now become where most accidents will happen in Milton. Avoid it if you can and if you can’t go 4mph through it. It’s now deadly. The removal of a yield sign on NVP and the installation of a stop sign on Milton St a few days ago makes zero sense at all and multiple accidents have occurred there within hours of the change. Bill Driscoll Jr. and Walter F. Timilty will need to take action immediately.”


6. This graphic:

halloween proposal


7. July 22, 2020: People complaining about aplane traffic and people being nasty to them for complaining

“Planes have become unbearable again! Anyone else noticing??”


8. July 23, 2020: Facebook share: School reopening post

“This post has changed my mind about back to school options.Well worth the long read. Please read. This is an excellent post by Joe Morice. He handles typical arguments for in-person learning vs remote learning. It is long but worth the read…”


9. July 1, 2020: A request for a non-mask-requirement berry picking farm

“Anyone know of any farms in the area that are doing berry picking and do NOT require masks? I’m happy to stay very distant from other pickers but my kids (and I) have no interest in this…”


10. July2 , 2020: Trash and recycling container woes

“What do you do when your neighbors keep putting their trash and recycle bins in front of your door step after you’ve asked them nicely several times not to?? (This has been happening for years by the way)

Feeling frustrated, invisible, and disrespected..”




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