POLL RESULTS: Should Halloween take place as usual this year?

Halloween poll
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POLL RESULTS: Should Halloween take place as usual this year?

Not surprisingly, there has been some animated discussion in Milton Neighbors about the status of Halloween this year.

Poll results:

Should Halloween trick or treating take place as usual this year?

Yes, Halloween trick or treating should take place, but with extra precautions (masks, no direct handing out of candy, etc.)
No, Halloween trick or treating should not take place at all.
Yes, Halloween trick or treating should take place as usual.

Some thoughts included:

“As long as people are using their PPE’s I don’t see what the harm is.”

“We’re going to go trick or treating from room to room in our house with our little ones. We will probably walk around our neighborhood to see our neighbors from a distance but not trick or treat. We will leave candy on a table in individual bags for trick or treaters.”

“No, maybe just a pizza and bobbing for apples with the kids you already “bubble” with. That’s what my dad did for us as “tweens” waaay back. Very memorable and fun!”

“If you’re in – lights on. If you’d rather sit out – lights off. Simple.”

“I think that in the interest of everyone’s safety we should not have the traditional trick or treating. Instead I think that neighborhoods should organize socially distanced Halloween activities.”

“It would be wonderful if there could be a socially distanced parade down Blue Hills Parkway (with the road closed off for an hour or so) for all of the children to “parade” their costumes. We’re fine having no candy but the fun of showing off your costume and making believe is the main part of celebrating Halloween. Saturday at 5:00!”

“With some extra precautions I think this can be done safely – it’s OUTDOORS, people often wear masks anyway! let’s do this!”

“Too risky”


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