Small Business Corner: Building local links

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Small Business Corner: Building local links

Are you looking to increase your small businesses’ local visibility?

Of course you are!

Customers need to know about your business in order to interact with you!

We put together a few tips to help your small business gain local visibility while building local links and relationships within your respective communities. Let’s jump in!

Ultimately, you want to aim to be the business with an active presence and consistently make a positive impact on the community you are a part of. So, start with the people you know. People who will share your content for free are reliable and can probably get you a few inbound links established quickly.

Try partnering with charities, non-profit organizations, or schools. Offer services, sponsorships, scholarships, or even a space to host events (if applicable).

For example, a small home improvement shop might sponsor scholarships for a local trade school. Or, a hair salon might sponsor a local women’s organization.

When done properly, this type of a partnership can unlock important networking opportunities — all while supporting a good cause.

Tap into your connections to set up an interview with prominent local figures (such as elected officials) then pitch it to your local media outlets. (Us!)

Small business owners are encouraged to find creative ways to get involved in their communities and determine what feels right for them.

The great thing about community involvement is that it is difficult to receive zero benefits from the exchange. Even if your business doesn’t immediately boom (be patient, it will!), you will still be left with the satisfaction of a better community and closer relationships with your customers.

We hope you find these tips helpful!


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