How to help local small businesses right now – Small Business Corner

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How to help local small businesses right now – Small Business Corner

If you can buy local, do it! It is something that we need to remember and think about as we are going about our quarantined days. There are ways to support small businesses that need your help right now — without risking your health.

Gift Cards

The easiest way to help small businesses out is to buy some gift cards to use down the road.

Buying gift cards now can make a huge impact on a struggling local business.

Restaurant Delivery or Curbside Pick Up

Luckily, most restaurants have implemented options like delivery or curbside pickup so you can minimize contact with humans. If you can afford it, you could commit to ordering in a few meals a week.

Shopping Local Online

Many local shops keep at least some inventory available to order online. It doesn’t hurt to reach out to your favorite local shops to inquire about their ordering online system. I bet they will be happy to hear from you!


It is a tough time to be a waiter, delivery driver, or barista, because not only are they likely working fewer hours, they are getting fewer tips from their nonexistent customers. If you can afford it, make someone’s day with a tip.

Schedule a Service for a later date

If you can, you could schedule work with a cleaner, a painter, a plumber, a contractor or a salon, any service you have been meaning to plan for, but have just put off. Simply knowing that work is coming their way can alleviate some anxiety and make a big difference in helping them get through this difficult time.

Say Thank You

All of us are super stressed right now, but local business owners worried about their livelihood have a different level of anxiety. You could send a thank you note or an email to let them know that you see them and that you are thinking of them. A little compassion and connection right now goes a very long way.

Let’s all come together to support local businesses that are so integral to the fabric and character of our community so that they have a good chance to survive. Let’s stop panic-buying toilet paper and start panic-buying stuff from the local stores, restaurants and service providers we care about.

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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