Milton’s December 7 Special Town Meeting summary

Special Town Meeting
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Milton’s December 7 Special Town Meeting summary

Sheila Varela, Milton School Committee Chair, spoke first to recognize two members of the Milton School District staff who are retiring, Mary Gormley and Dr. Glenn Pavlicek.

Sean O’Rourke, Chair of School Building Committee, provided an update regarding the progress and next steps in the planning of a new elementary school. His presentation covered enrollment data review, site selection, MA school building authority, and next steps. No site selected to date.

Regina Malley, Parks and Recreation Department, spoke to highlight the work of the staff over the last several months, she recognized staff member, Paul DiManno, as always going above and beyond, putting safety as the number one priority always, and coming up with safe plans and programs with modifications. She also thanked the rest of the team.

Caroline Kinsella, Town Health Director, provided a brief update regarding Covid-19 in the community. Since Thanksgiving cases have increased significantly, she encouraged people to continue to wear masks. She mentioned that Town Hall is closed due to multiple cases, and discussed the vaccine that should be coming to the town soon. Updated information to be posted on the town website, and other media forms.

The meeting moved on to the discussion of Article 1, which is to Amend Departmental Appropriations. Melinda Collins, Chair of Select Board, spoke first. She spoke about her appreciation to Amy Dexter who is transitioning to be the next Assistant Superintendent For Business Affairs.

Sheila Varela spoke next on the six positions that are noted in the Warrant.

Superintendent James Jette spoke on the importance of incorporating the six school department positions, into the school system, as noted in Article 1 (Elementary Technology Teacher, Elementary Reading Teacher, Elementary Math Specialist Teacher, Middle School World Language Teacher, High School Science Teacher, District-Wide Tech Support Person.)

The majority of citizens who called in spoke in support of the Article. A simple majority vote was taken, the result was to motion in favor of Article 1.

The next and last Article for discussion was Article 2, Stabilization Fund Appropriation. A simple majority vote was taken, the result was to motion in favor of Article 2.

The next Special Town Meeting is scheduled to be held in February.

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