What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – December 2020

Milton Neighbors most popular top posts
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What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – December 2020

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts for December 2020 were?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past 28 days.

1. Story share: COVID-19 closes Milton Town Hall

“And just like that now the parks are closed😢”


2. A neighbor in need of good reads

“Looking for suggestions of a book that’s so good you just can’t put it down 🙂”


3. Santa is real and shops at Target

“My daughter went Christmas shopping yesterday to Target at University Avenue. She left her purse in her shopping cart and when she realized she had forgotten it went back and it was gone. It had all her information in it and ids and cards…”


4. Cocktail suggestion

“IDK who needs to hear this, but these juices from MPS make excellent mimosas 🥂”


5. Disappointment in schools closing early before the holiday vacation

“Schools shut down for the rest of the week.”


6. Disappointment with plowing

“So I just moved to Milton and maybe this storm was an exception but I was disappointed with the plowing on my street. They didn’t plow the road until 3:30 this afternoon and left it as a one lane road until almost 7:30 tonight.”


7. Disappointment with people who express disappointment with plowing

“With all do respect on this one. Keep seeing people complaining about the streets not being plowed and salted properly. I get it you want to be able to drive your front wheel drive Camry with not problems around town. Well we live in newengland and we all know that isn’t going to happen…”


8. Snow globe needed for little girl

“I’m looking for a snow globe for a sweet little girl I take care of. She is 6 years old and has cancer. After a month of trying to figure out what she wants, she finally told me Friday that she really wants a snow globe but now I can’t find one😞”


9. Santa visits Milton

“With COVID & everything, I know bringing your kids to see Santa is not happening as much this year.
My Dad has played Santa for 18 years & is totally willing to go to houses (outside the house of course) to come say hi to kids if anyone wants him to…. ”


10. Cars vandalized on Lyman Road

“Sad and disappointed! Two of our cars were vandalized Thursday night. Thousands of dollars in damage! Who does that? I’ve heard 4 other cars were hit in our neighborhood. We are on Lyman Road. If you know anything please report it to the police.”



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