How to prepare your small business for the new year – Small Business Corner

2021 business goals
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How to prepare your small business for the new year – Small Business Corner

As we approach a fresh new year, it is time to reflect on what we have learned, and prepare your small business for 2021 and beyond. Here are some strategies to consider for maximizing success in the next year.

The hybrid: the future of audience engagement  

Even when in-person events are able to return, hybrid experiences will likely be widely adopted and implemented. Not only do hybrid experiences represent a safe return to our ‘new normal,’ they are more sustainable as less travel is required, and they open themselves up to a much wider audience. Virtual events can potentially result in far greater brand awareness, leads and ultimately, sales.

2021 goals

Look at the blank canvas the new year offers as an opportunity to improve. Now is the time to write down your goals for your small business. (Seriously, just set yourself a 10 minute timer and write a few goals down. Putting your goals in writing helps to set the wheels in motion.)

Plans for goals

Devise an action plan for each key goal. With uncertainty anticipated to continue into 2021, it is wise to have one or more backup plans for your business. You can build out each of your goal plans, using the experiences of 2020 to help develop key tactics.

Marketing plans

Now is the time to plan your marketing campaigns for the year. A marketing campaign outlines your marketing strategy and specific actions necessary to reach your marketing objectives. (If you’re not great at marketing plans, check out our One Stop Milton Marketing Master Class, which will help explain how you can market to Milton’s largest online audience.)

Plan vacations

Don’t forget to plan vacations, both for yourself and approve vacation time for your employees. For yourself, map out what you would like to do and what is advantageous for your small business. Many small business owners like to take their vacations during down time – or at least less busy periods. Hopefully by spring or summer, we will all be able to safely vacation again.

Here’s to a successful conclusion to 2020 and a great start to 2021 for you and your small business!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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