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Blog ideas for small businesses – Small Business Corner

If you have a blog, you know how important it is to post on a consistent basis. Not only are blogs an excellent way to give your small business credibility, but they are also a vital part of any content marketing strategy. But, it is not always easy to create fresh content, though, especially if you feel like you have nothing to write about. We put together some ideas for you that should help you break through your writer’s block to create several highly engaging posts for your blog.

Sneak Peek

Give the reader a peek into your average day. Exposing a little bit of your personal life is an authentic blog post idea that will make your readers feel closer to you, gather helpful insights about how they could improve their own routines, and will also make them more invested in your small business mission as a whole. Strong authenticity will create a level playing field of mutual respect with those you want to connect with.

Mission Statement

Unveiling your mission statement to the world and explaining what the future holds for you or your brand, can be the perfect way to forge more meaningful connections with your readers. We encourage you to share your mission statement with your followers and those people close to you.

Share Goals

Most people understand how important it is to set goals, but not everyone understands the importance of a proper foundation for achieving goals. For this idea, you can make your goals known to your readers and share how you plan on tackling them this year.  Your readers will gain the inspiration and a blueprint for success, while you will benefit from the feedback and accountability they can provide.

Share Advice

Everyone wants to get their hands on their industry’s best business advice and learn the keys to success within their fields. If you have been given some life-changing advice, why not pay it forward and share some wisdom with your readers? You could start by breaking down a few pieces of advice that have impacted your career over the years and explain how each piece of advice helped you think and act differently.

In conclusion, investing in creative, entertaining, and high value blog post ideas can have huge returns. The key is to build a diverse collection of blog ideas and stick to a regular publishing schedule. Furthermore, by pairing these ideas with a strong content strategy, you will be set to capture massive traffic this year!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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