Jaime Levash announces candidacy for Milton Library Trustee

Jamie Levash
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Jaime Levash announces candidacy for Milton Library Trustee

It is my pleasure to announce my candidacy for Library Trustee and would appreciate your vote on April 27th. My husband, Rob, who is running for Planning Board, and I are proud Milton residents since 2008. The Milton Public Library has been a staple of our lives, mainly due to our daughters, Gabby (9) and Reese (5). They continuously ask to go to pick up new books, participate in the numerous activities, and want to watch the fish. We are blessed to have this asset in our town!

The last year, I have appreciated the innovative thinking the library has done to make activities available via zoom and made picking up library books easy. As Library Trustee, I want to continue the community’s use of the library and ensure our library remains current. A few things I would like to work on are:

  • Safely resuming onsite activities and collecting/selling books through the Friends of the Library Program
  • Assure the library is offering a welcoming, accessible, and comfortable environment for all individuals while assuring staff have adequate resources to understand how to accommodate all
  • Rejuvenate activities and space for teens to come, study and socialize in a safe environment
  • Continue the technology advancements needed
  • Explore opening Sundays and some holidays without increasing the library budget
  • Evaluate the building and grounds, to stay ahead on upkeep and maintenance

I am actively engaged within the Milton community. I have been part of Collicot’s PTO for the last four years. This year, I helped run the annual gift drive alongside the other elementary school’s PTOs, Milton’s Public School’s Family Outreach Liaison, and Milton Residents’ Fund Coordinator. I sit on Milton’s Soccer Board and coach the third grade girls’ soccer team. This last summer, I was an active participant on the Milton Public School’s Return to School Task Force and on the education subcommittee.

Professionally, I have taken my education in Social Work which focused in community, organizing, policy, planning, and administration to oversee copious projects at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). As a Senior Project Manager in Health Care Quality, my main purpose is to drive organizational change by facilitating discussions to define process, identify issues, account for obstacles, and recommend corrective action while engaging stakeholders with differing priorities. My focus is on regulatory compliance projects, opioid task force initiatives, overseeing drug and supply shortages, and managing the Universal Access Advisory Council (access for all). This last year I took on two additional projects; crisis standard of care (recognizing when healthcare services are likely to change due to scarcity of required resources) and the COVID-19 vaccine roll out for employees and patients. I have fought hard to provide vaccines in locations; such as Chelsea and Dorchester which have been hit especially hard by this pandemic.

I am excited to bring my experience and passion to the Library Trustee Board and continue the community’s love for our library. I ask for your vote on April 27th!

Thank you,
Jaime Levash

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