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Small business outsourcing – Small Business Corner

For a small business, any savings in overhead lets you shift more revenue to operational growth, while also freeing up your precious time. Not only can outsourcing provide continuity, operational expense control and risk management, it can also improve your work/life balance, which is so important! We put together some tasks you can easily outsource to contribute to the growth of your small business, while freeing up your precious time.

Content marketing

Content marketing is the use of content that is designed to educate your target audience without being too “salesy.” The objective is to generate leads, but content also nurtures the relationships you have with those leads to improve your chances of closing a sale, and making future sales.  Many large companies have an executive in their organizations who is directly responsible for content marketing. Though, small businesses, like yours, may not have the budget for that, we recommend outsourcing it.


Research shows that when you multitask, or manage multiple projects at once, you can experience a decline in productivity. Projects take longer to complete, and you run the risk of increasing your overall stress levels. You really do not want to make mistakes when you handle the finances for your business. Over time, outsourcing this task can help save you thousands on your accounting needs. A CPA for a small business would likely only need a few hours each week to complete their work.

Admin tasks

It is so easy to get bogged down in dozens of small tasks that eat up your time each day. As a small business owner, you need to focus on your main processes to grow your business. When you hire a VA (virtual assistant) you are paying only for the hours in which tasks are being handled, and you can eliminate a lot of wasted time spent on emails, appointment-setting and other repetitive tasks.


Outsourcing your IT management is a great way to save money and boost the efficiency of your small business. A small business, likely will not need a full IT team on-call every day. But, as your business grows, and your need for more specialized technology increases, you may want to consider outsourcing to an external IT management firm that can take care of the technology your business needs to operate.

Overall, remember to outsource your weaknesses. There are many areas to outsource. Take a look at your team, your processes and the work you have to do on a regular basis. Consider outsourcing those areas where you find you and your team struggle. Furthermore, look at the difference in costs between a full-time hire and outsourcing. That difference alone could help you decide whether outsourcing is right for you and your small business.

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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