Sen. Timilty, Rep. Driscoll and Congressman Lynch give updates at Milton’s Special Town Meeting

Special Town Meeting
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Sen. Timilty, Rep. Driscoll and Congressman Lynch give updates at Milton’s Special Town Meeting

Milton held a virtual Special Town Meeting on Feb. 22 to discuss the most recent warrant articles.

Senator Walter Timilty joined the meeting to provide his office updates. He has been appointed by the President to a few special committees. He wrote a letter to Governor Baker urging him to reverse the policy that is limiting the amount of vaccine doses a week due to limited federal supply. The letter is available to view here: Senator Walter F. Timilty – Working For You ( Timilty’s office has filed a robust legislative package, in which he provided a quick snapshot: the snapshot includes, ambulance service reimbursements to modernize the delivery of medical services, which will be important for families financially.

A study designed to recommend improvements to the delivery of prescription drug benefits to senior citizens of the commonwealth. A study designed to conduct research on the health impacts to citizens in flight paths. He elaborated on the plans to continue to discover and implement ways to protect safety, fire, police and emergency personnel from contagious diseases, and further development of opioid intervention programs. He reiterated that if any member of the public is in need of assistance with unemployment or food insecurity, help is available through his office.

A prerecorded zoom video of Representative Bill Driscoll was played. He provided a brief legislative update. The climate change road map passed, and he holds his office accountable in the efforts to reduce fossil fuel use.  His office is also in support of the town’s access to expanded early voting and mail in voting. His office will continue liaising with state agencies and as always he is available to help the public in any way he can.

For more information, visit: Representative Bill Driscoll Jr.

Congressman Steven Lynch joined the meeting to provide an update on all things happening at the federal level. His brief summary covered what is happening in Congress with a major bill, the American Rescue Act, which would provide relief for states, cities, and towns, facing the impacts of Covid-19 and side effects from it in terms of lack of revenue and lack of vaccines such as what is currently happening in MA.

This Act would provide 160 billion for vaccines, production and contact tracing and distribution. Also covered under this Act is the reopening of schools safely through vaccines for school personnel, mechanical improvements to ventilation systems to older schools, and providing unemployment assistance through September. For more information: Congressman Stephen Lynch (

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