Brandt Elliott announces candidacy for Town Meeting Member, Precinct 2

Brandt Elliott Brandt Elliott
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Brandt Elliott announces candidacy for Town Meeting Member, Precinct 2

My name is Brandt Elliott. I am running for Precinct 2 Town Meeting member. I am running to be one of the voices of our neighborhood from our youngest kids to the lifelong Milton residents. 

I love Milton and my almost 1950s idyllic neighborhood. This pandemic year has opened my eyes to the issues this town faces right now that will determine our future. 

If elected I will advocate for:

  • Fresh ideas & transparency. Finding win-win solutions to the town’s recurring budget deficits will require fresh thinking and constant two way communication with residents. 
  • Sensible commercial development so we can have a sustainable tax base to support our future
  • Smart funding for Milton Public Schools to address the overcrowding and learning loss crises in a way that is equitable and fiscally responsible

Why vote for me?

  • 20 years experience running sales teams. I am well versed in negotiation and navigating complex political situations to come up with win-win solutions. A large part of my world is planning and holding myself and my teams accountable and I feel like this skill set could be valuable to Milton.
  • I grew up in New England and have lived in Milton for 8 years and a mile away in Dorchester for 7 years before that.
  • Whether I am running around youth sports fields coaching your kids or previously serving on a Milton pre-school board my focus is always creating and supporting a positive culture that benefits the larger town.  
  • I have two children in MPS – a 7th grader at Pierce, 3rd grader at Glover. I am a big believer in the fact that more voices of folks with school-age kids need to be heard in Milton and am looking forward to hopefully doing my part. 

If elected, I pledge to represent every voice in Precinct 2. I want to hear from you. What concerns do you have? What do you love about our neighborhood that we should preserve? Email me at [email protected].

I ask for your vote on Tuesday April 27th – I’ll see you at the Milton Senior Center if not sooner!

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