Milton Police Log: March 5 – March 12, 2021

milton police log
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Milton Police Log: March 5 – March 12, 2021

03/05/2021 01:25 CEDAR TERR STREET B&E M/V

911 caller reports an SP male trying to break in her vehicle. Officer reports MA reg 2HM299 was unlocked and was unable to find the SP party

03/05/2021 16:53 EDGEHILL ROAD Animal Complaint

Caller requested to speak to an officer about an incident regarding a dog walker. See report.

03/05/2021 23:56 MAGNOLIA ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reported a suspicious party looking into her window. Officer reported they searched the area and surrounding area with negative results. Call unfounded.

03/06/2021 01:51 BLUE HILL AVENUE Accident – P/D

911 Caller reported two car accident in the above area. Milton Fire and Fallon notified to handle. Officer reported MA Reg 1XAP13 and MA Reg 7RNX70 were the vehicles involved. Auto service and tire notified to handle. No EMS, two parties transported over the Boston line. Report filed on officer’s next tour of duty.

03/06/2021 14:58 HOY TERRACE / MURRAY AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reported an SP vehicle parked in the road. Officer reported the vehicle as MA reg 8SZL50. Contact was made with the owner to move the vehicle

03/06/2021 22:48 ROUTE 93 SOUTH Assist Other Departments

State Police Milton request 2 ambulances and Milton Fire to assist with MVA on Route 93 south (prior to exit 2). Fallons and Fire notified.

03/06/2021 23:00 CANTON AVENUE Accident – P/D

Report of single car MVA. Ofc reports MA Reg 9MR713. No injuries. Auto Service notified for tow.

03/07/2021 02:06 RIDGEWOOD ROAD Assist Other Departments

Somverville PD requested officers to check the area above for a male party that made Q5 statements. Officer reports he searched the area with negative results.

03/07/2021 07:36 GRANITE AVENUE / HOPE AVENUE Stolen MV Recovered

Caller reports a DMV in the area above. Officer reports of MA reg 9PL751. Auto service and tire notified. The vehicle was entered in LEAPS as located. Malden police notified. See report.

03/07/2021 09:04 ARTWILL STREET Animal Complaint

Caller reports an injured raccoon on the driveway. Officer reports racoon is defensive and under a vehicle. Caller was advised to wait until the racoon leaves.

03/07/2021 14:30 CANTON AVENUE / GILE ROAD Accident – P/D

Officer reports a MVA at the above address. Officer reports MA reg 2SNK79 and COMM reg R44466. Officer reports papers exchange.

03/07/2021 15:36 CABOT STREET / HURLCROFT ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports to seeing a party pacing around in a suspicious manner. Officer reports party was homeless and received a ride to a shelter.

03/07/2021 16:15 PLYMOUTH AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports party parked in front of address above and walked in luggage into Quincy. Officer reports two black males along with one black female parking their car at address above then walking 200 feet with suitcases to 135 Plymouth Ave. Officer advises well being check in 24 hours if car is still parked there. Plate was MA reg. 4WV459

03/07/2021 23:02 BRUSH HILL ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports neighbor disturbance. Officer reports nothing showing.

03/08/2021 00:41 GULLIVER/CHANNING Suspicious Activity

Caller reports a black BMW parked in the above area with the lights on. Officer reports MA reg 2BTZ65 is parked legally and belongs to one of the neighbors.

03/08/2021 07:23 ELIOT STREET Breaking & Entering

Caller reports a past breaking and entering. See report.

03/08/2021 08:45 RANDOLPH AVENUE / CHICKATAWBUT ROAD Accident – P/I

911 caller reports a motor vehicle accident. Fallons, Fire, and Auto Service notified. Ma reg 113XX9 and 69WL71. See report. Fallons transported one party to the BID- Milton.

03/08/2021 14:02 FERNCROFT ROAD Animal Complaint

Caller reports a sick looking raccoo in her backyard. Animal Control notified and handled.

03/08/2021 15:35 BLUE HILL AVENUE / BROOK ROAD Accident – P/I

911 Caller reports MVA. Fire, Fallon and Auto Service and Tire notified. Officer reports MA reg 1ZYT34 and temporary MA reg TP13W7J. Fallon transports one party to B.I. Milton Hospital. See report.

03/09/2021 00:54 FORD RANCH ROAD Accident – P/D

Caller reported a motor vehicle accident at the above address. Officer reported MA Reg K2964 was the vehicle involved. Report filed on officer’s next tour of duty.

03/09/2021 16:41 BLUE HILL AVENUE Auto Theft

WALK-IN party reports stolen motor vehicle.SEE REPORT.

03/09/2021 17:33 BROOK ROAD / CENTRAL AVENUE Accident – H&R

Caller reports a motor vehicle hit and run. Fallon and Fire notified. Victim MA REG 1GCK67.Suspect MA REG 1SPR35. Fallon transports one to Milton BID. Auto Service tows both motor vehicles. SEE REPORT

03/09/2021 18:19 HILLSIDE STREET Assist Other Departments

State Police requested Fallon for an evaluation. Fallon notified and handled.

03/09/2021 21:12 BROOK ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Caller reported youths playing hockey after park is closed. Officer reported two youths were sent on their way.

03/09/2021 22:24 BELVOIR ROAD Accident – H&R

911 Caller reported a hit and run. Officer reported MA reg 1FLS68 as the parked vehicle that was struck. Auto Service & Tire notified for one tow. See report.

03/10/2021 07:48 ELIOT STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller reports an odor of marijuana in the building. Officer reports the caller has been advised it is a civil matter

03/10/2021 10:02 MEADOWVIEW ROAD Missing Person – Located

Caller reports she found a toddler running down the street alone. Officer reports the parents were located at 26 Meadowview Road. See report.

03/10/2021 10:10 RANDOLPH AVENUE / CHICKATAWBUT ROAD Accident – H&R

Walk in party reports a past hit and run. See report.

03/10/2021 12:19 CENTRAL AVENUE Accident – P/D

911 Caller reports a two car MVA. Officer reports MA REG 2F763 and COMMERCIAL REG N19845. Auto Service and Tire notified for one tow. See report.

03/10/2021 13:42 ADAMS STREET Accident – H&R

911 Caller reports a bicyclist was struck in the above area. Fire and Fallon notified. Officer reports the party struck and the vehicle involved was gone on arrival. Victim contacted station. SEE REPORT

03/10/2021 15:18 GRANITE AVENUE / ANTWERP STREET Assist Other Departments

Mercedes Benz Emergency services reported MVA in the above area. Contact was made with involved party that stated the accident was on the highway. Sate police handed.

03/10/2021 16:53 GOVERNORS ROAD Accident – P/D

911 Caller reported MVA. Officer assisted with a paper exchange. See vehicle screen for vehicles.

03/10/2021 17:07 HUDSON STREET Suspicious Activity

Party requests to speak to an officer regarding suspicous activity. Officer spoke to party. See report.

03/10/2021 18:46 HIGHLAND STREET / SPAFFORD ROAD Suspicious Activity

Multiple callers reported an SP woman in the wooded area. Officer requested Fallon. Fallon transported party to East Milton Square. See person’s screen

03/10/2021 20:48 BROOK ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Caller reported youths playing hockey after the park is closed. Officer reported youths were sent on their way.

03/11/2021 09:05 ABERDEEN ROAD Larceny

Caller from the above address wished to report that her mother was involved in a scam. See report for further.

03/11/2021 11:37 ADAMS STREET Breaking & Entering

Caller reported that a contractor had broken into his home. Officer reported that one party will be summonsed to court for breaking and entering. See report for further.

03/11/2021 13:05 REEDSDALE ROAD / SPAFFORD ROAD Accident – P/D

Fire reported a minor MVA at the above intersection. Officer assisted Massachusetts registrations 1DYM69 and 6RGC60 exchange papers.

03/11/2021 15:04 BRUSH HILL ROAD Assist Other Departments

Officers assisting Boston PD involving shooting. Boston PD reported MA reg 2EAE45 and 2TCP89 vehicles possibly invovled.

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