The Town of Milton and Sustainable Milton to host Green Up Milton Day

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The Town of Milton and Sustainable Milton to host Green Up Milton Day

In celebration of Earth Day, the Milton DPW and Sustainable Milton will be hosting Green up Milton this  year, Saturday May 1st, 2021. All town groups are encouraged to participate including schools, sports  teams, neighborhood associations, town clubs, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, churches and temples,  and any other small group OR even just an individual that wishes to join in on this great event! This is an  opportunity to clean up areas around town to maintain Milton’s beauty.  

Green Up Milton is important not only to beautify Milton, but also to promote proper disposal practices  and help combat the effects littering has on our local environment. We are lucky enough to be  surrounded by such special green spaces like the Blue Hills Reservation and the Neponset River  Watershed. Our trash negatively affects these fragile ecosystems and the diversity of inhabitants –  clogging drainage, cluttering tree limbs, waterways, polluting our soil, water, and air with chemicals and  toxins, and trapping or entangling animals! 

Now is the time to start organizing your groups and choose your Green Up area! Please sign up your  team or yourself using the form found at You can send any additional inquiries or  questions to [email protected]. If you are an individual looking to join, you are  encouraged to sign up! Individuals can clean up wherever your schedule takes you! (Got a soccer game  and soft ball game to attend? Take a bag with you and clean as you go!) Or you can request to be added  to an existing group/area. 

Milton DPW will provide supplies including garbage bags, recycling bags, work gloves as well as face  masks. The supplies can be picked up at the Town Offices the week of the event. If a group cannot work  on Saturday, they are more than welcome to schedule their cleanup work on Friday April 30th or Sunday  May 2nd. DPW staff will complete the cleanup Monday May 3rd by collecting all garbage and recycling  bags and large debris at designated pickup locations. 

During Green Up Milton we will be taking COVID-related precautions to ensure a safe and healthy  experience. Every participant will be required to wear a facial mask during the clean up as well as  participate in social distancing procedures. We ask that all team leaders enforce these measures  throughout the event to ensure a safe and successful weekend. More information regarding safety  measures will be provided to team leaders closer to May 1st.  

We are looking forward to a fun and productive Green Up Milton Event!

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