What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – March 2021

Milton Neighbors most popular top posts
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What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – March 2021

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts for March 2021 were?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past 28 days.

1. Milton Hoosic Club burns down

“Milton Hoosic Club 3 alarm fire so sad.”

Milton Hoosic club

2. Missing pooch

“HOME SAFE AND SOUND! Thanks everyone so much for the help and support. She was found a few houses down from where we lost her.”

3. Guessing game!

“We had someone visit our home and tell us what it would to cost add a level to our home. It would consist of stairs, bath, three dormers in the front, large shed dormer in the back. How much did he tell us it would cost?”

4. Milton Public Schools announce return on April 5

“Full in person MPS starts April 5. I’m hoping vaccinations become available to all staff before.”

5. Trader Joe’s suggestions needed

I feel like I've asked this before but, except for cheese, flowers and Mandarin Orange Chicken, what is recommended to purchase at Trader Joes that I can't get locally at Fruit Center, Lamberts or Stop and Shop?

6. Tree-trimming recommendation needed; Black- or minority- owned business preferred

“I’m looking to have some trees trimmed and would like some recommendations. My family prefers to support a Black- or minority-owned business. Thanks.”

7. Dental advice needed

“I need some advice my 15 year old daughter’s dentist want to pull all 4 of her wisdom teeth even though they are not bothering her. I don’t know if I should let them. What do you think?”

8. COVID numbers ticking up

“Good morning neighbors, Debbie Downer here with the latest CORONA-19 numbers for Norfolk and MA. Since January when new reported infections were extremely high, the numbers have declined, but since the beginning of March, numbers plateaued and are now increasing (2% up since last two weeks). Norfolk county remains at a very high risk level…”

9. Chicken-sitting job wanted

“Hi MN- Are there any chicken owners out there who might want free help with their chickens? My 10-year-old niece moved in with us last year, and had some chickens back home that she is sorely missing…”

10. East Milton Square deck updates

“Lots going on today in E.Milton Square. This may help answer some questions because MASS DOT puts out great graphics!”

Milton Neighbors is the 12,000+ member social media group connected to The Milton Scene.

In March 2021, it had 866 Posts, 8,430 Comments, and 20,284 reactions.

Tuesday was the most popular day in March.

Tuesday was the most popular day in March. 2021


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