Michael Musto announces candidacy for Milton Library Board of Trustees

Michael Musto announces candidacy for Milton Library Board of Trustees
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Michael Musto announces candidacy for Milton Library Board of Trustees

My name is Michael Musto, and I am running for a position on the Library Board of Trustees. To some of you, I’m one of your town meeting representatives (Precinct 5). To others, we attended school together, watched hockey games together at Ulin Rink, or played town-wide sports together. And to others, perhaps I’ve coached your child’s baseball team, or umpired their baseball game.

I graduated from Brandeis University in 2017, and currently work as a policy analyst in the Massachusetts State House of Representatives, while also attending Suffolk Law School. As a lifelong Milton resident, proud graduate of the Milton Public School system, and voracious reader, the library has played an important role in my life. And likewise, I appreciate how important of a role it plays in our community.

The library is so much more than a repository of books – it’s where our students can go to do their homework, it’s where our community organizations can gather to conduct meetings, it’s where residents can attend workshops and performances, and it’s where bookworms can get their reading “fix”. And in the age of Covid-19, the library increasingly “comes to you” – be it through the increasing use of its digital collection of books, to the library’s homebound delivery service, to various virtual programs. As we enter the “new normal”, it’s vital for our library to continue to successfully serve its patrons in a safe and accessible manner.

As a Town Meeting representative for Precinct 5, I’ve developed a deeper understanding of the important role our town-wide advocates and stewards play ensuring that our institutions serve residents’ needs to the highest degree possible. As a Library Trustee, I would work with my fellow Trustees and library staff to ensure that the library continues to provide exceptional service for all residents. I’m eager to bring my energy and passion for our beloved library to the Library Board of Trustees, and respectfully ask for your support and vote on April 27th.

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