Understanding your customer’s pain points – Small Business Corner

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Understanding your customer’s pain points – Small Business Corner

Your customer’s pains, their limits and solutions are all so very different. Understanding the things that cause them worry, confusion, fear and/or regret should be as much your problem as it is theirs.

We will explore how to discover your customer’s pain points and offer ways you can help them to resolve them.

The most common types of customer pain points will fall under the following categories. You will want to analyze them in order to improve and grow your business:

  • Financial
  • Productivity
  • Processes
  • Support

Ask questions

Are you actually asking your customer’s and prospects what their pain points are? An example might be, ‘What’s the hardest part of your working day?’

Another good question to ask might be, “What are your business goals?”

Try to avoid closed yes/no questions, as they will only offer a very narrow, preconceived view of your customer’s problems.

Provide proof

Just because you are saying you can solve your customer’s pain points, does not mean you can – they need proof. This is where customer testimonials come into play. This is crucial for targeting customer pain points. You are giving your prospects a chance to hear from real people.

Set up a plan

Sketch out a plan for eradicating each of your customer’s pain points, working on the list from top to bottom. Then go to work on the plan! Assign a team, budget, and a proper time frame to carry out the updates as you see fit.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of what your customer’s are really trying to do when they are looking for companies or products like yours. Nobody knows your customer’s like you do, so dive into your research and start helping your customer’s accomplish what they really want to do.

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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