Milton Community Electricity Aggregation Program to take place June 29

Milton Community Electricity Aggregation ProgramMilton Community Electricity Aggregation Program
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Milton Community Electricity Aggregation Program to take place June 29

Milton Community Electricity Aggregation Program is Launching in September 2021

The Town of Milton announces the launch of its electricity aggregation program, Milton Community Electricity Aggregation (CEA), starting in September 2021. The Program provides more electricity options for residents and businesses in Milton and was approved by Milton’s Town Meeting in 2018.

“We are very excited to bring this program to our Town,” said Select Board member Melinda Collins. “It delivers tangible benefits to the community and we look forward to engaging with the residents and businesses in Milton in the coming weeks to share more information about the program.”

The Program offers a standard product, Milton Green, that has 10% more Renewable Energy Certificates (MA Class I RECs), Massachusetts’ measure of the cleanest renewable energy. That additional 10% will be provided by a local non-profit, Green Energy Consumers Alliance, which focuses on a transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable future, so participants in Milton’s CEA program can be sure that their electricity purchases are making a difference in our regional grid – where it matters most. In 2021, the Commonwealth requirement for MA Class I RECs is only 18%, so Milton’s addition of 10% is important and substantial.

The program offers fixed rates for 38 months, from September 2021 through November 2024.  The multi-year set rates offer the added benefit of insulating participants from electricity cost spikes. The program also offers two optional products: a 100% renewable energy option and one that only meets the renewable energy requirements in Massachusetts, so that everyone in Milton can find a product that meets their climate goals and their budget. The Milton CEA rates will be:


Basic Service (residential customers) | Meets state renewable energy standards | $0.10753/kWh | July-December 2021

Milton CEA Products

Milton Green (standard product) | 10% more RECs than renewable energy standards | $0.10848/kWh

Milton Premium Green 100% (optional) | Includes RECs equal to 100% percent of a customer’s energy consumption | $0.14133/kWh

Milton Basic (optional) | Meets state renewable energy standards | $0.10483/kWh

Duration: September 2021- November 2024

Products described as “Green” contain an amount of RECs above that required by state law. The additional RECs qualify for MA Class I designation and include generation from solar, wind, anaerobic digestion, or low-impact hydro located within, or delivered to, New England.
Disclaimer: Savings cannot be guaranteed as compared to Basic Service rates which change every six months for residential and commercial accounts and every three months for industrial accounts.

Milton has initiated and will continue a broad-based education and outreach effort to make residents and businesses aware of the Program.

On Tuesday, June 29, at 6:00 p.m., the Milton Public Library will host an information session about the Program (virtual), including a Question-and-Answer period. The meeting link is listed on the Town website at and the Program website The best place to find the most up to date information is the program website

At the end of June, residents and businesses who are eligible for automatic enrollment in the Program will receive a Customer Notification Letter from the winning electricity supplier, NextEra Energy Services, on behalf of the Town. It will provide detailed program information, in addition to instructions on how to choose an optional Milton CEA product, or how to opt out of the Program. No action is necessary to participate in Milton CEA’s standard electricity product, Milton Green. Participation is voluntary. Those who do not wish to participate in Milton CEA may opt out of the Program without penalty either before the Program begins or at any time during the course of the Program. Those who do not opt out of the Program before the deadline on the Customer Notification Letter will be automatically enrolled in the Milton Green product as of their September 2021 meter read date.

Electricity customers who are currently enrolled with a third-party supplier, i.e., other than Eversource Basic Service, will not receive the Customer Notification Letter and will not be automatically enrolled. These customers can voluntarily join the Program but may be subject to penalties or early termination fees from their third-party supplier if they switch to the electricity aggregation program during the term of their contract.

For more information about the program, go to, or call (800) 307-9926.

Contact: Michael Dennehy, 617 898 4845 or [email protected]

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