Virtual Art Exhibit to take place August 1 – August 31

Virtual Art ExhibitVirtual Art Exhibit
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Virtual Art Exhibit to take place August 1 – August 31

From August 1st  to the 31st ,  the Milton Public Library will continue our July display to host a local artist named Allegra Murray in an exhibit titled “Another Story.”    This talented artist creates flowers from various papers, all sourced within the community.  These three-dimensional pieces are very colorful and cool, incorporating lots of different hues and often with written words interwoven into the beautiful images.  Each piece has a theme of its own to include graphics like musical notes or a local map of Milton streets, and the fun list of embellishments goes on to create a very enjoyable and eclectic exhibit.

The artist started creating paper flowers in 2017 when she made book page flower centerpieces for a Jane Austen-themed tea at our library.  Since that time her plants and flowers have been featured in local publications such as The Patriot Ledger, South Shore Home, and more.  Her sculptures were also included in several exhibits such as the Scituate Arts Association’s “Annual Juried Show” and the Art Center East’s “In Bloom” display at which her piece called “Hope Blooms 2021” was awarded honorable mention.  She is originally from Long Island, NY and resides in Milton, MA with her husband and two sons.  She has a Bachelor of Music degree from Manhattan School of Music and a Master of Science in Arts Administration from Boston University.

Here is what Allegra says about her work:  “When a reader thinks of a favorite book, the mind goes to the complex characters, the unforgettable settings, or the timeless story woven throughout the pages. Once the last page has been read, the book is closed and it is placed back on the shelf where it remains until it is taken out again.   Through my exhibit, “Another Story,” I wish to celebrate the pages within the book which are so often hidden away when not being read. The used book pages, having been transformed into beautiful plants and flowers, bloom with the names, places, and quotes that rekindle the memory of a beloved tome.”

To view this online display, go to: starting now.   Here you can also see the many wonderful virtual art exhibits created over the course of the last year.  For questions and for more information about applying for an MPL display, Email [email protected]

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