Milton Art Center story – adult painting to take place Oct 5, 2021

Milton Art Center story - adult painting
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Milton Art Center story – adult painting to take place Oct 5, 2021

Location: Milton Art Center, 334 Edge Hill Rd, Milton, MA 02186

Class Experience
 In this class we will learn the basics of acrylic painting through color, observation and practice. Each class will start with a lesson and demonstration, and dedicate the rest of the time to painting. We will begin with understanding the color wheel and the temperature of light to create atmospheric images. Lessons can be structured around the interests of the students. This class is recommended for anyone who wishes to learn about painting or have a weekly painting session. 

What To Bring

* Acrylic Paint: 

* Golden Brand is the preferred brand for acrylic painters, but any brand
works! Student grade is a great place to start as we get used to materials. 

* Linked are a few paint sets of different price option which will all be a
great place to start


* Colors : White, Black, Yellow (lemon, cadmium), Green (viridian, emerald,
olive), Blue (cobalt, ultramarine, phtalo), Purple, Red, Crimson, Brown (raw
umber, burnt sienna)

* Get at least the basic primaries (white, black, yellow, blue, red)

* Paintbrushes:

* Buy a pack (or 2) of brushes that seems varied. I like using both Flat and
Round brushes. No need to buy expensive singular brushes. 

* Palette Paper

* Palette paper is a great, transportable and easy way to have a quick clean
up. The white or gray paper is good.  
* Will give recommendations for at home palettes in class. 

* Canvasses
* A pack of 4 16”x20” canvases will be great for in class painting. If
interested, you can also try panels which are wood surfaces for painting.
* Water Cup for Brushes
* Sketchbook
* Great for note taking and sketching ideas. Any notebook, dollar store is good
* Pencil and Eraser

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