Hiring in a tight labor market-Small Business Corner

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Hiring in a tight labor market – Small Business Corner

Hiring the right people for your small business is crucial for its success. Hiring the wrong people to fill positions can cost your business time and revenue. This article will provide some ways to ensure you are hiring the right people for your business, even in today’s tight labor market.

Get your business name out there

Those who are interested in applying for positions at your business should understand what your business values are and how they are reflected in the specific job(s) available. Since candidates have the ability to choose among employers, you can be sure that they are digging a little deeper in their research. Be sure that your business and values stand out for them to see and understand.

Job advertisements

Businesses actively recruiting should not just rely on job searchers finding their ads, but rather should do everything they can to ensure their ads are being seen by the candidates they desire. One of the most important parts of a good recruitment strategy is identifying the appropriate audience for each specific job posting.

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Follow through and follow up

Small businesses should make every effort to respond to every applicant promptly and personally, whenever possible. After hiring a candidate, you should ensure that the workload, duties, and benefits match the description in the ad, otherwise new hires may quit when they discover the inconsistency. In a tight labor market, potential employees have more opportunities and will look elsewhere if they are not satisfied.

It is possible to hire the right people right now, but small businesses must be willing to give a little more than they may be used to. With a renewed focus on work-life balance and other changing labor market factors, hiring for today – and tomorrow – just needs a new approach and plan!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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