Milton youth, land swaps, and Mr. Coben – top Milton Neighbors posts April 2022

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Milton youth, land swaps, and Mr. Coben – top Milton Neighbors posts April 2022

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts for were this past month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past 28 days.

1. Kudos to Milton youth

“Yesterday two young boys, about 12 years old came in to the store. They were looking to purchase silver crosses for themselves. One of the boys picked out a cross that was on sale for $36. He counted his money and he had only $24. I told him I would be happy to sell him the cross at that price. His friend picked out a similar cross and I charged him the same. Both boys put the crosses on and left. Not 10 minutes later did they both come back and hand me a thank you card! Suffice to say, it brought tears to my eyes! Amazing young men!”

2. Books donated to Milton Public Schools

“Thank you Mr. Coben for trying to represent all individuals and families as an educator in our community. We hope you enjoy this pile of books from local and diverse authors and know you will put them to good use. Thank you also Milton Public Schools for supporting Mr. Coben. “When they go low, we go high.” If you haven’t already, please send a note to MPS voicing your support and consider a donation to one of our libraries. Oh, and VOTE!”

3. More thanks for Mr. Coben

“Hi, neighbors. I’d like to urge all of you who are concerned by the recent scapegoating of our elementary schools’ librarian to sign the below letter of support. It’s important for us to speak up as a community about the principles that are important to us.”

4. One of the many Home Inc posts.

“Did some research today to help explain why we think that land belongs with HOME Inc. ”

5. Another Home Inc post

“I cannot believe that Milton Conservation Commission and Select Board both voted to approve the “land swap” to build a new school. All sorts of things were done behind closed doors that the HOME Inc community was not included in or even informed about…”

6. Unwelcome pooper

“Hi Neighbors,
I need suggestions about what I can do about this dog that keeps coming and popping in my backyard. I suspect it’s owned by someone down the street but I’m not sure. Help!!
Below is [a photo of the] uninvited guest.”

7. Belonging education

“Hi neighbors. I just want to put out there that I am a Family Medicine Doctor with a fellowship in Obstetrics and 12 hrs a week I provide primary care to mostly women, children and LGBTQ+ of all ages. I provide gender affirming care for all ages at Manet community health center. I speak 3-4 languages and use them daily. I see first hand the damage children and adults feel when they are treated like they don’t belong. It is damaging. Belonging education starting from a young age to promote self worth and discovery literally saves lives.”

8. Kitchen renovation advice needed

“This one’s for anyone who has ever renovated a kitchen. We’ve discovered water damage and our kitchen is being gutted as I type this. We have no plan, zero experience, three kids, and now, no kitchen. What strategies worked for living through the reno? (Please don’t say wine…we’ve got that.) What do you love about your new kitchen, and what do you wish you had done differently? Recommendations on who to work with? I don’t know what I don’t know…hit me with your best advice”

9. Advice needed on front door colors

“Neighbors – after spending days walking around town checking out your front doors for inspiration, I’m no closer to knowing which colors I should choose for our replacements, but I am certain many of you have a talent for this because I’ve seen so many beautiful entry ways! We are replacing both storm doors (full length glass) and entry doors. Door installer is adamant we should go with a black storm door, but I’m not convinced it goes with our house. Looking for your recommendations…”

10. Land swap clarification 

“As many of you are aware by now, the Milton School Building Committee (SBC) has identified a parcel of land to construct a new school along the lower end of Gile Road at Blue Hills Parkway. The endeavor to identify a parcel of land within a town with a shortage of available parcels, portrays the amount of hard work performed by this committee over the past 3 years and their commitment to address the overcrowding currently being experienced in the schools. As chair of this committee, I’m proud of the work that has been accomplished to date and the manner at which my committee has interacted with all participants in this process…”

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