Milton photographer Steve Nelson to feature art in July Wotiz Gallery exhibit

Wotiz Gallery Exhibit
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Milton photographer Steve Nelson to feature art in July Wotiz Gallery exhibit

The Milton Public Library will host a wonderful photography exhibit in the Wotiz Gallery from 7/1/22 through 7/28/22. This collection of images is called “Pandemic Project” and it was created by Milton photographer Steve Nelson. The unique and colorful pictures show quiet moments of recognition and discovery during Pandemic time. There will be about 30 pieces displayed, including “little glimpses and insights” which Mr. Nelson found to be “like thoughts, revelations or meditations.”

He works as a professional photographer, having started with industrial and product still life photography. As the Boston economy evolved into professional services, his small company likewise evolved to address the market.  Most of his work now has an emphasis on business portrait photography, most of which is done at his clients’ offices. In the early Spring of 2020, as the Covid virus swept through the world and a sudden exodus from office environments occurred, his business evaporated in the space of a few weeks. Everyone assumed this would be a brief disruption but faced with the disorientation we all shared, this artist realized he had an unexpected quantity of free time so embarked on a self-assigned “Photo of the Day” discipline. Steve made a commitment to himself to see, capture, edit, and share one image a day.

This collection of work was an opportunity to stay connected with the craft that Steve has loved for most of his adult life, and at the same time it kept him connected and facile with the tools of his trade. He did not want to find himself fumbling with his camera or editing software when business returned. Most of these photos were found within walking distance of his home in Milton, though a few are from his small sanctuary in mid-coast Maine. The photos are intentionally printed small to convey a sense of intimacy, and this project has proved to be extremely rewarding for the artist.  If you would like to visit Steve Nelson’s photo-sharing platforms Instagram and Flickr, you may use his handle which is “snlsn.”

We hope you will come visit the Library in the month of July to enjoy a lovely exhibit by a very talented photographer!  And if you would like more information about applying to exhibit your artwork at the MPL, please Email [email protected] or call the Reference Dept. at (617) 898-4964.




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