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Summer marketing ideas for your small business – Small Business Corner

If you are going to drive sales during the summer months, you cannot afford to sit back and wait for customers to come to you.

Instead, your marketing will need to reach new audiences, continue to foster relationships with existing customers, and promote attractive offers.

Focus on key events

The exact dates when students return to school or college will vary from town to town, but they typically fall in late summer or early autumn. The return to school can be an excellent target for your summer marketing and social media campaigns.

Run a competition

You can bring your customers back from their summer vacations, while also building awareness among new audiences, by running a social media contest. Competitions are an effective way to gain some extra traffic and sales at what tends to be a quieter time of the year.

Seasonal freebies

There is no time of year when people don’t love “free stuff,” which means a seasonal giveaway is always a practical option and a good idea! Make your free offers especially appealing or unique (or maybe even both), and there is a good chance people will share them on their social medias too, which helps generate plenty of brand awareness for your small business!

Use summer emojis! ☀️

When you think about “summer” what images come to mind? The pool, camping, the beach, there are so many possibilities! Emojis can definitely work pretty well for most businesses. Emojis have the potential to really help your emails and messaging stand out in your customers’ busy inboxes and social media newsfeeds.

If you apply these tips and spruce up your messaging just a bit, there is a very good chance your summer marketing ideas will generate some real and potentially new interest and customers!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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