Prepare your small business for the holidays – Small Business Corner

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Prepare your small business for the holidays – Small Business Corner

The holidays are one of the busiest and profitable times of year for many small businesses, and you do not want to miss out on them. To ensure you are ready to take advantage of the potential revenue, keep these tips in mind while you prepare your business for the holidays.


During this busy time of year, you definitely have to stay organized.  Getting organized includes making sure that your location is clean and holiday ready. This means ordering holiday decorations and cards if you don’t have them already. It is also a good idea to order any supplies you may need. You can also plan and schedule out your social media marketing campaigns and posts.


The holidays are a great time to entice your existing customer base with discounted products and services. Use this time to your advantage by sending targeted incentives (such as coupons and exclusive deals) to your customer list.

Prepare your website

Now is the perfect time to perform any necessary upgrades and or changes to your website. So many people shop online, so it is important that your website is running smoothly and has the ability to handle new customers in addition to your existing clientele. Your website must be able to accommodate all of the sales that you could potentially receive, so take the time now to work out any kinks for a smooth user experience.

Holiday schedules

Now is a good time to determine what your holiday operating hours will be. You want to be sure to tell your staff about holiday hours, and explain your expectations of them during the holiday season. Request that your employees request any holiday time off by a certain date, so you can plan employee schedules and coverage accordingly.

With all of the work that goes into the preparation and the planning for the holiday season, remember to have a good time and encourage your staff to do so, as well!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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