Grocery prices are getting out of hand. Where are people shopping? – Milton Neighbors respond with advice

Groceries are so expensive now. Where are ya'll finding the best grocery deals these days?
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Grocery prices are getting out of hand. Where are people shopping? – Milton Neighbors respond with advice

In a recent (and popular!) post, a Milton Neighbor recently asked:

Groceries are so expensive now. I couldn't believe my total at Stop & Shop the other day. Where are y'all finding the best grocery deals these days? Is it worth driving to Brockton for Aldi and Market Basket?

Members of the Milton Neighbors Facebook group responded with advice on where to go for the best grocery store prices in Milton, on the South Shore, and in the general Boston area.

Because we don’t allow businesses to recommend themselves in the Milton Neighbors group, you can virtually guarantee that these recommendations come from actual satisfied customers.

Check out the excellent advice from Milton Neighbors and let us know what you saved!

– “Definitely worth the drive. My grocery bill dropped a $100/week by making the trip to Market Basket”

– “Everything is ridiculous these days. The market basket in Burlington is great.”

– “You mean stop and rob? Absolutely Market Basket [Brockton]and it’s only 15-17 minutes away. There’s also a new one in Hanover. I’m actually heading to the new location now!”

– “Yes it’s worth driving to Brockton.”

– “There is also an Aldi in Walpole – an easy drive too. It’s definitely worth it these days!”

– “I’m a market basket regular. Brockton is better than Hanover but Hanover is still Waaay better than Stop & Shop. Hanover you also get Trader Joe’s and Brockton you get Costco/Bjs and Aldi. Win Win.”

– “I really feel I get more for the dollar at Brockton [Market Basket]. I did a big week shop there on Sunday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised with total. I cook EVERY night (even Friday and Saturday nights!) so the cart was full.”

– “Market Basket in Hanover. 20 bags of food for 350.00 best prices around.”

– “Yes market basket is def less expensive. Although this year- I have noticed the prices aren’t as low as they used to be.”

– “Try Daily Table. There’s a bunch of locations in Boston.”

– “Market basket for sure. Usually always stocked and lower prices for sure.”

– “I’ve started making the drive to [Hanover or Hingham] Trader Joe’s. Definitely makes a difference.”

– “I go to price right in river st Hyde park.”

– “ALDI and Daily Table in Dot, and then go to Walmart, market basket for items I can’t get from Aldi.”

– “Market Basket and The Big Y, definitely less expensive.”

– “America’s Food Basket in Mattapan square is very cheap. They don’t have a lot of produce or other items but they have most things I buy.”

– “Market basket is sooooo much cheaper. Def worth the drive.”

– “Market Basket in West Bridgewater is a great store!”

– “Market Basket it def worth the trip to Hanover for me. Aldi is the most economical; love it in Florida – didn’t know there was one in MA near Milton.”

– “Hanover is a good bit more expensive than the market basket in Brockton or Chelsea. I buy the same things every time so I noticed. I like the Chelsea one. Right up the highway and larger and less crowded.”

– “Roxy’s in Quincy for meat/seafood. 1.79/lb chicken breast.”

– “Daily Table in Codman Square. One is coming to a new building near the Mattapan Station. Fresh produce and cheap canned goods!”

– “No, it’s not worth it IMO. I have to be honest and disagree with most of the respondents here. I visited market basket Hanover recently since people love it so much and didn’t see a noticeable difference in prices. I guess it depends on what you buy maybe. Also the same for Aldi – i just noticed the Walpole on the other day and stopped in. Did not see any jaw dropping bargains. I feel like they are all equally expensive. BJs is the cheapest still (or costco) for some things (but not all) if you need a LOT of that thing. Everything is much more costly, full stop.”

– “Just tested Market Basket in Hanover based on the comments in this thread. Wow – I’ve been missing out. I come here anyway because of kids sports so totally worth it.”

– “I do BJs and Walmart online pickup and then just supplement with Stop and shop as needed.”

– “My husband does our grocery shopping and recommends Price Rite in Hyde Park. Kam Man and other Asian markets in Quincy have good prices on fresh fruits and vegetables.”

– “Market basket is really a lot cheaper off 24 Brockton is closer straight up 24 in and out never lines always enough help”


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