Milton Police Log: February 24 – March 3, 2023

milton police log
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Milton Police Log: February 24 – March 3, 2023

02/24/2023 07:10 BRAE BURN ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports she was being followed. See Report

02/24/2023 07:47 CURTIS ROAD Suspicious Activity

Several 911 callers report a party walking around the area above who was visibly upset and had no shoes on. Ofc reports they drove the
party to her house in Boston.

02/24/2023 09:53 LOTHROP AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Walk in party reports SP and Harassing activity. See Report.

02/24/2023 10:47 EDGEHILL ROAD Accident – P/D

Walk in party reports a Milton DPW truck struck her fence. See Report.

02/24/2023 11:04 RANDOLPH AVENUE Larceny

Walk in party reports fraud. See report.

02/24/2023 11:20 ADAMS STREET Other MV Violations

Ofc Peterson reports he stopped a car at above address. S22193605. A CJIS query came back as his license being suspended. Akiki
was notified for one tow. See Report.

02/24/2023 18:54 BLUE HILL AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports vehicle sitting in Church parking lot. Officer reports VT PLATE 48890 and advised the party to not wait in the parking lot.

02/24/2023 20:21 BLUE HILL AVENUE Accident – P/D

911 caller reports a three reports a three car MVA in the area above. Fire and coastal notified. MA REG 1MBT33 MA REG 2BMG57 MA REG
5LJ546. Akiki notified for two tows. See Report

02/24/2023 22:50 THISTLE AVENUE Animal Complaint

Caller requested assistance with a dog stuck inside a reclining chair. Fire notified and assisted the caller.

02/25/2023 12:34 BROOK ROAD / CENTRE STREET Accident – H&R


02/25/2023 13:40 CENTRE STREET Other MV Violations

Officer reports MV stop in the area above. MA REG 2FGV93.

02/25/2023 14:36 BASSETT STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller is slurring his words- unreadable. Mentioned something about the marketplace and a cable box. Officers report all businesses
and parking lot were checked. Security spoken to . No one made themselves known and no one was in distress

02/25/2023 23:02 HILLSIDE STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller reports suspicious vehicle blocking their driveway for about 20 min. Officer reports MA reg 3WW6A is an Uber Eats driver and was
pulled over to use his phone but sent him on his way.

02/26/2023 02:22 GRANITE AVENUE Accident – P/D

State Police request Coastal and Fire to MVA involving a building and pole. Costal , Fire, NSTAR, Verizon, and Building inspector notified.
Building manager Eric Cohen and inspected Jay Bealuliru also notified. Coastal reports patient refusal.

02/26/2023 03:27 ROUTE 93 NORTH Assist Other Departments

Milton State requests Coastal for an accident at the above address at exit 11. Coastal reports patient refusal

02/26/2023 11:22 UNQUITY ROAD Animal Complaint

Animal Control notified of a found dog that was brought to the shelter

02/26/2023 12:04 CENTRAL AVENUE Assist Other Departments

911 callers report a possible domestic. Boston and Transmit Police notified. Officer reports parties refused to speak with police and left
the area.

02/26/2023 14:15 RANDOLPH AVENUE / ADAMS STREET Accident – P/D

calller reports MV accident between MASS REG #7JBD70 and MASS REG #3EZY40. AKIKI 1 tow. Report to be filed on Officers next tour of

02/26/2023 22:49 BRUSH HILL ROAD Assist Other Departments

Officer reported minor MVA in the area above. Coastal notified for a evaluation. State on scene

02/27/2023 08:31 GRANITE AVENUE Accident – P/D

Caller reports he reviewed security footage and noticed gas pump was broken by customer. See Report

02/27/2023 09:45 HARLAND STREET Suspicious Activity

Milton DPW reports illegal dumping. See report

02/27/2023 11:15 ADAMS STREET Accident – H&R

caller reports property damage within the last 24 hours to her stone wall. see report

02/27/2023 12:14 PILLON ROAD / ADAMS STREET Accident – P/D

911 caller reports 2 car MVA. between MASS REG # 1YAB98 and MASS REG# 1BZ225. Officer reports minor damage with paper

02/27/2023 15:56 BRUSH HILL ROAD Accident – P/D

911 Caller reported a motor vehicle crash. Vehicles involved Ma Reg 7901GO and Ma Reg 3RVN18. Officer reported damage was minor
and assisted with a paper exchange.

02/27/2023 18:50 ADAMS STREET Accident – P/D

Caller reports 2 car MVA. MA Reg 9WW787 and MA Reg 1BN115. Fire and Coastal notified. Officer reports no injuries, Coastal cancelled
prior to arrival. Akiki notified for a tow. See report.

02/27/2023 22:04 APPLE LANE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports a SP MV parked outside of her house. Prior to Officer’s arrival, caller reports the SP MV is her neighbor’s car.

02/27/2023 23:20 MILTON STREET WEST Suspicious Activity

Caller reports a SP MV parked outside her address above. Officer reports the SP MV is EVERSOURCE. MA COM Reg R51047.

02/28/2023 09:40 HIGH STREET / CANTON AVENUE Accident – P/D

Caller reports a motor vehicle accident. Ma reg 688JP7 and Com B43066. Officer assisted parties in exchanging paperwork.

02/28/2023 17:05 BROOK/RANDOLPH Suspicious Activity

Caller reported a young child walking in the street with no jacket. Officer reported he searched the area and surrounding area with
negative results. Call unfounded.

02/28/2023 17:03 NAHANTON AVENUE Youth/Disturbance

Calller reported house was egged by a group of youths. Officer reported this was related to a pervious incident. See report for particulars.

02/28/2023 17:54 PLEASANT STREET / BRAE BURN ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reported a suspicious party in the above area. Officer reported the party was a solicitor walking in the area, no police service.

02/28/2023 19:11 CANTON AVENUE / HEMLOCK DRIVE Animal Complaint

Caller reported a dog running in the above area. Officer searched the area and surrounding area with negative results

02/28/2023 22:34 BROOK HILL ROAD / CANTON AVENUE Accident

911 Caller reported a signal car accident in the above area. Milton Fire and Paramedic-1 notified to handle. Officer reported MA Reg
1YVV48 was the vehicle in question. Akiki towing notified for a tow. Costal reports one to BMC. Report filed on officer’s next tour of duty.

03/01/2023 05:49 DENMARK AVENUE Larceny

Caller reports car was broken into overnight and his steering wheel was stolen. Officer reports airbag was removed. See Report

03/01/2023 08:05 HOWARD STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller reports harassment. See report

03/01/2023 08:51 BROOK ROAD Accident – P/D

911caller reports a motor vehicle accident. NY reg KBR3542 and 2XRK87. Officer reports minor damage-paper exchange.

03/01/2023 15:38 BROOK ROAD Youth/Disturbance

caller reports kids fighting outside at the location above. Officer reports no fighting and kids just hanging out after school.

03/01/2023 17:19 GLENDALE ROAD Suspicious Activity

calller reports unwanted party came to her door two times and she feels uncomfortable. officer reports solicitor is no longer in the area.

03/01/2023 18:43 BROOK ROAD/ GOVERNORS ROAD Accident – H&R

walk in party reports hit and run at the area above. see report.

03/02/2023 08:00 Pleasant St Mutual Aid (Sent)

Box Alarm. Milton Fire Engine 1 sent for Mutual aid to Randolph for fire.

03/02/2023 09:55 GRANITE AVENUE Other MV Violations

Ma reg 3WRA21 towed by Akiki Towing to private property for having a cancelled registration. Citation issued.

03/02/2023 20:17 BROOK/CENTRE Suspicious Activity

Caller repors an erratic dirver in the area above. RI REG FL803. Officer reports nothing showing.

03/02/2023 23:35 WENDELL PARK Animal Complaint

Caller reports an animal in distress. Officer checked the area with nothing showing

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