2023 Milton Town Election unofficial results

Election 2023: Results
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2023 Milton Town Election unofficial results

As the local town elections came to a close in Milton, Massachusetts on April 25, 2023, residents were eager to hear the results of the contested Select Board, School Committee, and Town Treasurer races. With five candidates vying for two seats on the Select Board, the competition was tough. Ben Zoll led the pack with 2964 votes, followed by Richard Wells with 2744 votes. George Ashur received 2295 votes, Cindy Christiansen trailed with 498 votes, with Phil Johenning finishing last with 119 votes.

In the very tight School Committee race, four candidates ran for two available seats. Bao Qui came out on top with 2883 votes, while Mark Loring secured 2815 votes, Leroy Walker got 2474 votes, and Daniel O’Neil had 2248 votes.

For the position of Town Treasurer, Michael Deane and Johanna McCarthy were the two hopefuls. McCarthy won the race with 3667 votes, while Deane received 1246 votes.

Additionally, there was a ballot question on the ballot, which asked whether residents were in favor of switching from an elected treasurer to an appointed treasurer. The results showed that 3414 residents voted yes, while 1739 residents voted no.

Overall, the voter turnout was slightly lower than predicted by the town clerk with a voter turnout of 5840 representing 28% of registered voters – even though weather was mild. Residents can now look forward to their newly elected officials taking office.

Contested Town Wide Winners:

Select Board:

Benjamin Zoll
Richard Wells

School Committee:

Mark Loring
Bao Qui

Town Treasurer: 

Johanna McCarthy

Question One:

Yes: 66%
No: 34%

Full unofficial results:

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